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    Default Muddy water resurrection

    I went out for a bit yesterday finally to my old reliable spot to see if I could tangle with some muddy water monsters. I wanted to see if I still got it and if I remembered what I was doing. Sure enough, this happened....

    First up, I hooked into a couple of these guys. Some average Freshwater Drum.

    Then, I landed my new personal best carp. It took forever to land and almost wrapped my line around a downed tree.

    Another smaller, but still fun catch.

    And one more nice-sized carp to end the day on.

    These fish gave my 7wt BVK and BBS IV a good workout. The Rio Clouser line tossed those heavy little bugs like a champ too. It felt good to be out doing what I do best again!

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    Default Re: Muddy water resurrection

    Sweet looking fish, congrats! Carp are real hard fighters I bet they gave you a good workout.


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    Default Re: Muddy water resurrection

    Wow. That first carp is a beast.

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    Default Re: Muddy water resurrection

    For fun, I took my switch rod out a couple of days ago and messed around a little bit. I ended up catching some small channel catfish and gar. Here's a couple pictures.

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    Default Re: Muddy water resurrection

    Glad to see your back in the swing !! Missed those muddy water posts! Nice fish all around as usual!! Keep them coming!
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    Default Re: Muddy water resurrection

    After a short trip today, I came back smelling of victory. I hauled in two small Freshwater Drum, a larger Drum, one dinky Largemouth Bass, and a Bluegill who took a ride on my backcast. The winning fly of the day was a chartreuse Clouser. I was actually out chasing Walleye, but they didn't cooperate today.

    One of the small Drum

    A shot of the larger Drum

    And this guy, who almost took me into my backing 3 times and nearly broke my rod...

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