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At the risk of offending the purists, try a little Gulp spray (yeah, yeah, bait fisherman I know). But, hear me out. Carp are like catfish and sharks. They feed on smell more than sight. If you can see them in clear water then be virginal and pure and treat them like redfish or bones. But if you need them to come to your fly and you can't see them and they can't see it? Good luck. So, put a little stink on the thing. Any large nymph, crawdad or generic bonefish pattern should work. A little bit of tinsel wouldn't hurt either as it improves visibility.
God, at this rate they'll probably give me a show following "Duck Dynasty". Anybody willing to grow a beard and be my sidekick/comic relief?
I've thought about using some spray but haven't as of yet. It would be nice to get into some carp but for now cats will do.