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Thread: Cicada fly, try it

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    Default Cicada fly, try it

    I have been having some great success on cicada flies lately. I started using them earlier in the summer when the big hatch was going on, and when I noticed one at my local reservoir (being killed by a cicada wasp, as it were).

    The bass in that reservoir are normally very stingy but they strike the cicada fly almost every time. It also lures the monster bluegill out. HERE is the one that I tie and use, along with step by step instructions.

    If you haven't tried a cicada fly for warmwater game yet, give it a shot.

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    Have you watched the vid "Gotham Fish Tales" yet?

    When you move to NYC, will you sell me your 2 wt Superfine Touch ....... really cheap?

    Nick and Rick are "only a motion away"

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    Default Re: Cicada fly, try it

    Hah. Gonna have to pry it from my hands.

    The cicada fly was the only thing working yesterday. Used just about everything in my box but they were only hitting the cicada.

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