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Thread: General purpose flyrod?

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    Frank is right an 5wt would be okay, but I am going with the six idea. But then again I started on all evens and later added all the others LOL.

    You can never have too many 4 wts. unless it is a 6wt or two he, he, he.
    Of course could split more if you had the money and go with the 8wt. BIIx. Got that heavy duty rod, but it feels like a 5 weight. :-O

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    If you want to spend the scratch, (or check ebay), a Winston BIIX in a 6w can't be beat. Easy rod to cast. Lighter than most 4w's out there and great for short to long casts. Then get a good flyline. AND A LAMSON KONIC for a reel.
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    for fishing like you described I would recommend a basic 5 or 6 weight set up. this is all around a good rod for smaller flies and some bigger ones if need be. click pawl sounds fine also but I recommend paying a few extra bux for a adjustable drag if you can afford it cause I have both kinds and like those better. by all means a click and pawl will work for the fish you are describing. I still use mine on my 5/6 weight combo. keep us posted! you will have fun no matter what you get!
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    I'd go with a 6wt for the reason's Frank suggested. Heavier weight and faster action rods are just plain harder to learn on for most people. A 6wt will work abit better than a 5 to throw the poppers and weighted streamers that will work well in a lake.

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    I am fairly new to fly fishing ( < 1 yr.) and both my wife and I have 5wts (hers: 8.5ft TFO mine: 9ft TFO). I have caught the bass in this post with my set up, my wife caught her 1.25# crappie with her setup. My bass was probably just under 2# and I didn't even have to go to the reel, so a reel wasn't really important then. One day I hope to catch a 5#+ on my setup but I will probably end up putting it on the reel then.

    Good luck and I don't think you can go wrong with a 5wt. TFOs are also pretty nice rods with a no-fault lifetime warranty (FYI).

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    Out here we don't do a lot of BASS fishing. More trout.
    Talking to a friend the other day started me thinking about the PERFECT "ONE" rod. I can honestly say, that for me there is no such animal.
    I fish Stillwaters with bigger flies at times so a long, slightly faster rod.
    Streams, I want a shorter slower action for tiny bugs. About the only thing I can agree on would be WEIGHT of the rod. I could make a 5 or 6 weight work in slow or medium action for both types of fishing.

    I am not saying I CAN"T make a short rod on stillwater work, but PERFECT rod is a different story.

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    I would agree with Frank with a starter rod. He has been around for a long time and experience helps.
    A 5wt is easy to learn on, and so much fun to fish with. It's not too heavy for trout and panfish, and not too light for the small bass you will catch.
    A 9' 5wt is preferred by most fresh water anglers. Most "pros" say that you can land any fresh water fish up to 10lbs on a 5wt.
    I have several fly rods from 3wt to 9wt, and my 5wt gets the most use. Even when fishing a big river, I usually catch way more chubs, rockbass and small bass then the hogs >18" A 5wt is perfect for this. I release all the fish anyway, so it's the fishing thrill that I'm after. And trout, I couldn't think of using anything heavier than a 5wt! IMHO a 3wt is best for trout....... maybe this year a 2 or 1?

    Whatever you choose, it's all about the fun,

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