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    I get the material from my favorite fly shop, Walmart. It is glitter craft foam. Larger hoppers work well for bass.

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    Default Re: Need Help w/bluegill flies what to make

    IMO, I doubt there's a fly pattern that Bluegills won't take, as long as the size is appropriate for the size of the fish.

    I once caught some real monster Bluegills in FL, those in the 12-13" range on a #4 white marabou streamer, right at dawn. It was light enough to see the water, but I couldn't see the fish. The water was crystal clear (Rainbow River). Once the Sun got up, I went looking for bass, which is what I was after anyway, as the large Gill's seemed to vanish. I caught smaller Gills that day too, on smaller flies.

    Most Bluegill's I had caught to that point in my life were 8" or less, and most were in the 5-6" range, which is average for my area.

    The point of my story is that they can be selective, as I think those big ones were primarily feeding on smaller fish. Plus, they can be selective about when they'll feed, particularly the bigger ones.

    I've used a lot of different patterns over the years, and don't recall any that didn't work. Some will be better than others on any given day, but they don't need to be complicated, intricate or exotic. In time as you get back into tying, you'll likely want to expand your selection, but for now keeping it simple is the best approach. Frankly, most of the time now when I fish for Bluegill's I use a small popper, some type of foam beetle, hopper or cricket, or a simple soft hackle or nymph type fly. The exact pattern is seldom important.

    That link that Nick provided will give you plenty of patterns to get you started, as well as what others have suggested.
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    Default Re: Need Help w/bluegill flies what to make

    Soft hackles -- size #10-14. Virtually any body/hackle variation, though I prefer "pheasant tail soft hackles" and "partridge and yellows" most of the time.

    For the life of me, I cannot understand why more people don't fish these -- they absolutely murder sunfish, and work double-duty on trout in the #14 size around here.

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    We did an article a few years back on panfish. I lived in St. Charles, Mo for 17 years and caught plenty of Bluegill on small bass flies (Yellow always worked best for me).

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Need Help w/bluegill flies what to make

    Yellow is a hit color in Missouri. I catch everything on yellow...

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    Default Re: Need Help w/bluegill flies what to make

    Pink works good, too.
    I like rabbit flies for panfish.


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    Thanks for all the info on flies everyone.I know where I do my fishing at a gravel pit that has been shut down snice the 50's a mile long and 1/4 wide with trees all around it nice and relaxing I tell you. Tons of panfish,small mouth bass,large mouth bass and crappie. I am think of also making a woolly buggers to for bluegill so I have heard that works good on bluegills. But what color combo? For now I thought of making black. That brings too another qustion. I did use worms and they always went for the lighter colored end, so why should I make black woolly buggers not a lighter colored one. Like I said this is very new to me and need the help. I am going too be making flies over this comming winter so I am ready for this comming spring and summer with flies.Like I said my father used a size 12 hornburg and a few other but I can not remember at all for the life sake of me what they where. If any of you can link me too a youtube video where I can watch and learn how that would help too..

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Need Help w/bluegill flies what to make

    I answered your PM Jason. I can send you vid links, but if you do a forum search you will find a lot of them been provided very recently. For starters, do an advanced search on this forum. Search "bluegills", select "Search topics only" and that will get you started.

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    Even for a duffer like me a wooly bugger is a quick tie so I'd suggest experimenting. Black is a classic, particularly at night. But tie up a few in olive and yellow. Maybe ad white to tail or collar. See what works. The only one who decides on what the right color is are the fish.

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    Default Re: Need Help w/bluegill flies what to make

    If you tie some buggers, tie some in Olive and Olive/Black. I can safely say that is my all-time favorite color for buggers but I am always trying all sorts of crazy combos. Add some rubber legs too!

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