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    Default Re: Need Help w/bluegill flies what to make

    How do you fish your McGinty IA?

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    Default Re: Need Help w/bluegill flies what to make

    Quote Originally Posted by jor fly View Post
    How do you fish your McGinty IA?
    I throw it in the water and the fish bite it

    Seriously, that is about it. I weight mine just a bit with wire for a slow sink. They'll take it on the drop usually, I'd watch the end of flyline and let them run about a half foot before I set the hook lightly. If I thought it had hit bottom just strip it back in a bit or a gentle jig of rod tip to raise it toward surface for another drop. First time I used it the bite was stupid fast. I was fishing a new shallow lake that hasn't nearly filled yet, 4' deep maybe. I'm sure it has other uses. I will tie some lighter and heavier ones eventually. The fly didn't gut shot the fish which was a plus for me, as I usually release, and don't want to harm my new lakes breeding stock.

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    You have a e-mail IA


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    All of you have provided alot of good info. Now it is a matter of finding a good supplier of hackel and etc to make them. All I know of is Feather Craft and ebay too find supplies.Feather Craft is where I am getting my equipment and hooks from to make them.Any other good suppliers out where I can get a catalog and look them on the net. I really don't know what I am going too try too start tying yet for my very frist one. It is hard to say I pick this one as a frist one. I would love too make all of them at once. Wife put me a spending limit on me if you know what I mean so in return I only can pick one at a time .

    Thank You Everyone For Your Time

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    Default Re: Need Help w/bluegill flies what to make

    Hooks, thread, chenille, some hackle feathers, maribou and wire for weighting would be a good start. You can tie a bunch of beginner panfish/bass variations without busting the bank. They are generally much easier than trout flies so it's a great way to learn.

    Hook and Hackle is also a good online vendor. Free shipping with a $35 purchase if I remember correctly.

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    IA found it and ordered a printed catalog from them.


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    Default Re: Need Help w/bluegill flies what to make

    I got a bunch of nice Bluegills yesterday at a local pond here in MA.

    They were top-feeding in the late afternoon and a light-bodied Elk Hair Tan Caddis, #18 was just right for them. I'm going to tie up some simple foam patterns, like fish4reds posted. When you start going to the smaller flies, it gets hard to work with deer hair and almost impossible to work with elk hair. Keeping a dry afloat also gets challenging as the fly get smaller; at least that's my experience - and I'm not shy about using floatant or about false casting several times to dry off the fly. Plus they're hard to see looking into the sun at 40-50'.

    Before they started top-feeding, they were going for a red Copper John, #18, although I think that a green one might have been even more effective. I also picked off a Largemouth Bass the other day on a Copper John; same size.

    So, small trout patterns will work for Bluegills; at least they do for me. I use a small, quick strip, followed by a pause (3-5 seconds), then strip and pause again, etc. Sort of like the way you play poppers under trees and near banks for Smallies.


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    Default Re: Need Help w/bluegill flies what to make

    Get some hooks in sizes 8 through 12, or even 14.

    Go to the local hardware store and get some bead chain--the stuff you pull to make a ceiling fan turn on and off.

    Go to a craft store and get a bag of pheasant feathers--dyed, natural, it all works, and it's pretty cheap.

    I use a brown thread for the natural colored feathers, and a colored thread for the dyed stuff.

    Then tie up some Briminators!

    It's a one-feather fly, and catches fish like crazy. I've had my best success with copper colored bead chain, but there have been days when the chartreuse bead chain or the black performed best. Grey, chrome, and gold will work, too.

    It's a super easy tie, and effective as all get out. Just google "Briminator" and you'll find a step by step (many, actually). Any of the SxS that mention it as a single feather fly would be what I would start with. The fancier or thicker this fly gets the worse it performs, in my experience. It also performs very well when super chewed up. It's an all around great fly.

    The only negative to it is that it doesn't sink super fast in current, because of the bead chain not being super heavy. But I've tied some with little brass or lead eyes, and they will get down pretty quick.

    Toss it out there, and experiment with how you strip it back in. I've caught Bream, Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass, Chain Pickerel, Carp, Yellow Perch, Chub/Fallfish, and I'm sure something I'm forgetting on it. I've never tried it in coldwater, but I've heard it will pull trout as well.

  10. Default Re: Need Help w/bluegill flies what to make

    The Fly Fishing Shop has a huge selection of Fly Tying Materials and tools and offer free shipping for US orders over $50. Nobody beats our service at any price!

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    Default Re: Need Help w/bluegill flies what to make

    Just tied the Cypert Minnow last night for our club tie. The guy that demonstrated it is a pan-fish extraordinaire and swears by this fly.

    It's a real easy tie with only 3 materials needed. Tied at different sizes can greater your chances to getting a few bass on it as well as bluegills and crappies.

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