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Thread: Cold weather warm water fishing

  1. Default Cold weather warm water fishing

    This time of year the bites get a little more challenging and a fish less day more common. Some fly fishers pack it up until the next season but I can't. Seem to stay away from the water. How many others also still wet the line during the winter season and what do you do to connect with a warm water species? I have heard that you want to present the fly at a crawling retrieve.

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    Default Re: Cold weather warm water fishing

    Living in Pinedale, WY I don't get to do much warm water fishing, but when I visit my grandson in CO we like to hit the bass pond. In the summer, it is all about top water action with poppers and how aggressive the fish are and the violent strikes. This time of year it is just the opposite, throwing small streamers or clousers, waiting for the fly to sink then doing a slow retrieve, keeping a tight line as the bites are very light. I've never tried it but a slow hand twist retrieve using nymphs would probably also work.


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    I don't know where you are fishing but I am lucky enough to have some coldwater fishing to do in the winter here in Missouri. That is primarily where I fish anyway but I do spend quite a lot of time catching bass and bluegill since I have a great lake a half-mile from my front door. It is looking like December might be a tough time for me to fish with all the holiday stuff going on but come January I will be back after them! I'm probably done with warmwater species till at least March.

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    Water gets hard here once it gets cold enough... Any warmwater must be done by traveling 3~hrs to a power plant with a warm water discharge until April/May

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    Never fly fished in the winter as just picked the obsession up this year. Winter fishing does slow the fishing down, they get picky, and you almost have to knock 'em in the head with it or hook 'em on the retrieve at times. Slow your retrieve down way past slow, then slow it down some more.

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    Most water around here freezes solid for the winter. However, I do get a good amount of trout fishing in on tail waters and spring creeks. If I want warm water fish like bass, I have to go to a cooling pond/cannal that comes off of a power plant. Usually chuck BIG nasty streamers all day.


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    I hit a couple of ponds here all winter.As long as the air temps stay around 40 the pickerel and crappie are willing biters with an occasional bass and even a carp or 2.I prefer to fish crystal buggers or wolly buggers slowly and unweighted if possible.The fish will hit if the temps go lower than 35 but im not willing to chase them then.

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    I'll fish this lake that runs into a small stream (slow current) I will stay there for December and January using smaller pheasant tail nymphs and doing a very slow retrieve still managing to catch some Bluegill's, crappie and shiners.

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    I fish all winter for warmwater fish, but they go deep in cold water.

    I put down my fly rod first, then my spin rod, and then I pick up my L action bait casting outfit and fish the deep water and catch like crazy until spring!

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    The spinning and bait casting outfits do make chasing those crappies and perch a bit easier for sure. I have decided to stick with the fly rod outfit to force myself to learn all I can with the limitation of the fly rod during winter. It is tough but luckily the waters are located in decent hiking areas too.

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