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Thread: Cedar river

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    What about hitting up some of the lakes? I know that it gets way hot down here during the summer. Even the lakes get to 80 degrees at times.

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    A backup plan is never a bad idea when fishing for a secondary species, or in rivers that may not be in good condition when you arrive.

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    Could always hit clear lake. I've been there a bunch, but i don't have much experience fishing it.

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    Head further north to the dam at Nashua. Smallmouth pike and walleye are in the pool and downstream. Great fishing all year round.

    Hit Clear Lake when the yellow bass are feeding, you'll have a tired arm. Also bring the heavy gear, Muskies 50 + inches

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    I was going around the Osage area

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    Have never fished that far north. Should be pretty good though. If memory is right that area should be catch and release for smallmouth. Pike are probably in the area also, I've gotten pike above and below the dam in Charles City, so one would assume they would be in the Osage area.

    edit: Curiosity got to me. Checked that area on Google Earth. River looks to be very accessible to fish. A road runs north along the river to Mitchell. Lots of tight bends in the river should be some good holes.

    A nature trail runs south of hwy 9 along the river with some very good looking water. Looks like I'm putting the stretch of river from hwy 9 to county road T 38 on my list.
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    Not to mention spring creek is right there if the river isn't productive. I've caught many trout in that stream

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    Trout? Spring Creek? Is that the creek that runs west out of Orchard?

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    Yes. Connects to the cedar though, if i remember right

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    Picked up my loop booster rod, today. I will be chucking some serious meat with this, soon enough! I can't wait! A fish deserves a steak from time to time!

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