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    Thanks. We are practically neighbors (crest hill). I wonder if we already know who the other one is?
    Less likey, more green dots

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    How do you like the rio pike/musky intermediate line? I feel like since I mostly fish bays with a max depth of 14 ft this would be the best all round line to purchase first. thanks in advance.

    Quote Originally Posted by ted4887 View Post
    I think the key for picking the proper fly line, aside from the rod it is intended to be used on, is understanding the type of water you're going to fish. Are you planning on fishing fast running rivers, slower running rivers, deep lakes, or shallow lakes? What type of structure are you targetting fish in? If you're targeting bank hugging musky with smaller flies, I'd probably recommend an intermediate line. If, however, you're fishing faster mid-channel musky and need to get your fly down, I'd get a heavy sink line.

    I'd avoid a floating line unless you plan on spending most of your time fishing topwater, which you indicated you don't. Shoot, even when I am throwing topwater flies, I still use an intermediate line a lot of the time. I get a bigger "pop" with my poppers that way.

    Musky flies, especially if you're using any material that is bouyant aren't going to be getting down on their own. They need help via your fly line, and where your rod tip is in the water column. There are some holes, that even when I run a 450gr sink, I still stick my rod as far as I can under the boat to help the fly stay even lower than it would when I strip.

    Here are the lines that I personally use. Not that they're the most ideal, or that anyone will agree with my choices but they should give you some ideas.

    10 weight rods:

    450 SA Wet Tip Express
    400 SA Streamer Express (Wet tip, IMO is a better fly line)
    10wt Rio Pike/Musky intermediate
    10wt SA Mastery Textured Titan Taper

    9Wt Rods

    350 SA Streamer Express
    9Wt Rio Pike/Musky Intermediate
    9Wt SA Mastery Textured Magnum taper

    Now, I fish shallow, medium paced rivers with a lot of small rapids. If I had only 1 fly line to pick from, it would without a doubt be a heavy sink line. I use mine about 90% of the time.

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