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    Default Re: Non-rope Gar Flies?

    My experience with them is they're very aggressive and will hit just about anything. They are very similar to the oceanic, giant needle fish. If you get a hook in their jaw, you're lucky. If you like the grab and don't care about landing them, any old streamer will do. If you actually want to catch some, you really have to go with the tooth tangle fly. Macrame yarn is as good as anything. It's cheap, durable and is useful for tying other streamers and making yarn indicators. You can simply tie a piece of the yarn to a barrel swivel and comb it out with a flea comb.. Voila! They seem to have terrible eye sight so an accurate cast is necessary. Also, a hookless fly like this will not scare off a fish. They'll bite it multiple times often. Really cool, overlooked rough fish.
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    Default Re: Non-rope Gar Flies?

    I suppose that Gar are different depending on species and location but for Florida were I targeted them extensively and caught some I found: the only hook that gave me consistent hook ups is the old double salmon hook and by the way that's legal per IGFA rules whereas rope flies aren't. I also found them semi-aggressive when you present the fly right. They hit with a side wise slashing strike and prefer the fly moving away at an oblique angle close to the side of their mouths. They snap shut quite tight on a fly and given their teeth, lock down on it so a heavier weight rod is needed to set the hook coupled with a firm slip strike. To float that hook somewhat, you need some deer hair trimmed tight to give a nice, near surface, submerged, presentation. Muddler style. I added doll eyes, again some float. The eyes last a strike or two and need to be replaced after each trip when lost. Sight fishing is easiest by targeting Gar that are feeding and sunning quite close to the surface as they are prone to do. Good luck!  8088
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