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    I have an 8wt. BVK. I can throw some HUGE clousers and heavy / wind resistant flies with ease. Also it's a little more rod and therefore less likely to break on a smallie. As far as people saying an 8wt isn't fun to fight a fish with, I still think it's a blast and I'd rather have the fish in hand quickly then stressing the thing out on a much smaller rod.

    If you're not willing to jump to an 8wt, I'd at least go to a 7wt. A 5wt can handle most of the same flies and fish as a 6wt, but not nearly what a 7wt can.

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    I think you would be happy with a 7wt. It is a major jump from a 5 and will handle all but very heavy and quite large wind resistant flies. IMO going even to a 7wt starts getting into rods that become stressful to blind cast for hours on end unless you are a large muscular fella. If and when you find that the 7 won't handle the size bugs you want to cast then you can go to a 9wt. Few fellas will ever blind cast anything bigger than a 9wt for a long day. There are some that use a 10 or 11 for like Musky and big pike but they must have arms like Popeye. I mostly consider a 9wt a sight fishing tool.

    A saltwater taper line is also head heavy and will chuck some heavy flies. If the water you are fishing is cold some saltwater tapers will not works well. They are designed to be used in very warm water. There are, however, some saltwater tapers designed for cold water.

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    I use a 5wt St. Croix Imperial for smallmouth in small creeks and tailwaters. it is an absolute blast fighting a nice bronze back with such light tackle! If I am going to a bigger body of water, where the potential to catch a lunker is possible, I will use my 8/9wt. It really isnt too often that the large stuff comes out to play due to how fun it is catch big bass on the 5wt.

    The line is 5wff, nothing special, but i do use 12-14# mono as a tippet and a short leader. This strategy helps out tremendously.

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