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    Default Smallmouth Bass line

    I started to get into some warm water fly fishing last year and had a blast chasing smallmouth bass in some local lakes. I used my 5 weight Reddington with a 5 weight SA Supra line and although this worked well I had a few issues casting the bigger flies in some conditions.

    This year I would like to get a rod set up for smallmouth bass fishing. I am leaning toward a 9ft 6 weight in a TFO BVK, Cabelas LSI or something similar. I am having a hard time deciding what floating line. Are the smallmouth bass specific lines such as the one made my Rio worth it? Should I over line the rod with just a regular floating line? What about one of the nymphing specific lines?

    Also what rate full sinking line do you find useful for smallmouth bass fishing in lakes? I used a type 2 line with my 5 weight that I use for trout fishing in lakes.



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    Default Re: Smallmouth Bass line

    I'll follow this one. Rios lines fall a bit heavy in the Smallmouth Line though it looks to have a long section to allow for mending if needed. If you don't need or plan on mending the Airflo Bass/ Musky line has a really short front taper and big body for turning over big ugly flies. I'd like to play with both at some point in time wish they were cheaper.

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    Default Re: Smallmouth Bass line

    I am very happy with the Clouser line on my 6wt set up for smallies. Clousers and deer hair poppers cast quite a bit better with that line over the GPX that I had on there before.
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    Default Re: Smallmouth Bass line

    For a very good full-sink line on that type of rod, I like a 150 grain orvis depth charge. Very easy to cast and handle on a med-fast to fast 5-weight, and sinks like a rock.

    For floating lines, any WF line with a fairly reasonable front taper (i.e. not too long or not tapering too thinly) would work fine. Overlining with a heavier line certainly would help casting heavier flies due to simple physics, but I don't often like the effect on my rod casting and tend to stick with the marked recommendation.

    You could look into cutting off some of your front taper, I don't know the supra but some lines you can easily remove 1.5-3' and they often cast heavy flies easier. If you remove too much on some lines you'll essentially "overline" it by bringing the weight more forward on the fly line -- so you could kill 2 birds with one stone this way theoretically.

    For a fairly cheap ($40) and good fly line for your purpose I really like the SA headstart WF lines -- they are great for this purpose, and most other purposes as well.

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    Default Re: Smallmouth Bass line

    So, I had this discussion before. I fish for warm water species all of the time. This is my conclusion. I use three lines. I use a sink tip type 3 or 4, a full intermediate, and bass taper for a floater. I like a full intermediate for lakes because allows me to control where I want my fly in the water column. In rivers, I like a type 3 or 4 sink tip because it helps me get to depth against the current. For my floater work, my favorite lines are the SA magnum taper and the cortland big fly, cortland being my absolute. They both have no issues turning over big flies. The rod size depends on what else is in the river. for instance, in Iowa many rivers have pike, so I'd use an eight weight for bass. In Missouri, a lot of the streams have trout, so I'd use a 6 weight. This is just preference. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Smallmouth Bass line

    Also keep in mind that your leader makes a difference. Don't use too light of a tippet on smallie flies. Heck, most of the trout guys I know throwing big streamers use 12 pound tippet. I couldn't believe it, but it's true. The Gink and Gas guys say the same thing.

    Heavier tippet and shortening your leader makes big flies easier.

    Of course, casting skill trumps everything that this thread will accumulate . Many problems people try to fix by buying **** could have more easily been fixed with practice -- including myself in this.

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    Default Re: Smallmouth Bass line

    I use 12#-30#... Depends on if there are potential toothy critters

    Stiffer line helps too... I use stiff fluoro or mono to turn over bushy stuff like Maxima or Vicious Pro Elite

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    Default Re: Smallmouth Bass line

    A lot of the guys around here use a solid piece of thick monofilament. #25 will turn over those bugs. Most bass around here aren't tippet shy, however. If they were tippet shy, I'd assume they'd use the same principle, but with fluorocarbon

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    Default Re: Smallmouth Bass line

    I've personally saw two TFO BVK rods break for no reason at all. They just snapped after relatively mild hooksets. They are really thin-walled rods. I would be paranoid using one in your application....

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    Default Re: Smallmouth Bass line

    Quote Originally Posted by labradorguy View Post
    I've personally saw two TFO BVK rods break for no reason at all. They just snapped after relatively mild hooksets. They are really thin-walled rods. I would be paranoid using one in your application....
    Damn really? Everyone says they're brittle but they love the rod for the $. My buddy has one and I thought about getting one. I have the PRO II in 5-weight and 8-weight, but the BVK is faster.

    Sorry for the hijack --

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