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  1. Default looking for line recommendations

    Hi everyone,

    I have some questions about fly lines. I need to replace my 1 wt., 4 wt. and 6wt. lines this year and need some help. My 1 wt. rod is an Orvis Silver Label 8' medium action rod. I use it mainly for panfish. I have heard that it is more of a 2 wt. than a true 1 wt. I have had trouble casting the rod with a 1 wt. line. I have tried a 3 wt. Rio Grand line on this rod and it loads and casts like a dream. So it seems that a heavier line is the ticket. However, I would like to go only one wt. over and need some help selecting an appropriate 2 wt. line. I will cast primarily dries, nymphs and some small poppers and I am wondering what line to choose. A DT, WF? Any advice would be great.

    My 4 wt. (9' mod. fast redington rs2) is used for panfish as well, but I do use it for small bass and carp. I though dries, nymphs, small streamers and bass bugs with this rod sizes 10#-16's for the dries and nymphs and #8-10 for bass bugs, poppers. I don't know what line is on the rod now I bought it set up with the line included and the guy at the shop didn't know what the line was.

    My 6 wt. (9' med 7 Orvis Power Matrix) is used for large bass and carp. I through larger bass bugs 1#-10, nypmphs 10#-12's, etc. and streamers 1/0#-and smaller. The line on it now is a SA Headstart.

    Any recommendations on lines would be appreciated.

  2. Default Re: looking for line recommendations

    A lot of great choices. Myself - I would get Orvis Superfine 2wt for the 1 wt. It is truely a smaller rod line. Only comes in WF though.

    For the 4wt. "I" would get either Selective Trout by Rio or Ridgeline by Airflo.

    For the 6wt. a Windcutter II.

    That would be MY CHOICE

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    Thanks Joni for your input. I will take a look at the lines you suggested.

  4. Default Re: looking for line recommendations

    Hang on though, some of the others will have their favorite. As I said these are MY CHOICE cause they are what I have and use and love.

  5. Default Re: looking for line recommendations


    One question for you about the Windcutter II you recommended for my 6 wt. Would this line handle bulky bass bugs and streamers well? I was really expecting a bass bug line recommendation and was surprized and curious about your choice.

  6. Default Re: looking for line recommendations

    The reason I like the WC II (quote from box)

    The unique taper specialized for two different aspects of Fly Fishing with a single handed rod. Light presentation and extreme casting distance. With
    a wind cutter fly line you can make the tip casts with just the tip of the rod for very tight loops, yet uses the thicker belly to load the butt section of modern graphite rods for distance. The line taper is manufactured with the tip one line size lighter and the belly one size heavier than nominal line size.

    It basically cuts through the wind better than any line I have ever used.
    I am not familiar with BASS lines and tapers, this is just a good all round weather, flie, line.

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    Default Re: looking for line recommendations

    I agree with Joni on the Rio Selective trout for the 4 wt...and the windcutter II for the 6 wt...If your 6 wt is a fast action you might also look at the Rio Grand. I have used Orvis, Cortland and SA and am now a huge Rio fan. Good luck


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    Default Re: looking for line recommendations

    I'm going to go with Miss J. for the most part... although I am perplexed by a 1wt rod throwing a line that is essentially a 3.5wt well. If you have a shop near by that has some demo lines on reels, I would go play for a bit, preferably somewhere where you can wet cast.

    The long med/fast 4wt is a bullseye for Rio Selective Trout, I would go with DT, but that's for my use, hard to say which would be best for you.

    The 6wt is more open game... aside from the other recommendations, a Rio Bass or Clauser taper... maybe even an Airflow Sixth Sense, which in addition to the Wind Cutter is what I fish on my 690-4 SLT (med/fast). I'm not sure the front portion of the Wind Cutter taper is going to carry bulky wind resistant flies well, you may get some tip stall.

    ... But a lifelong journey.

    I choose fly rods the same way I do women, motorcycles, and cowboy boots...
    go with what ever feels good, and keep on hand as many as I can afford

  9. Default Re: looking for line recommendations

    The only thing I can add is that every caster is different. If you can try a line before buying it I'd recommend it.

    Also, I always look for low-memory lines.


  10. Default Re: looking for line recommendations

    I agree on the no memory and that is one reason I say the SUPERFINE TROUT WONDERLINE. It is 80' for weights 1-6.
    Orvis has a new line out also called the POWER TAPER, which is designed for either tip flex rods or BIG flies. Says it is weighted half a size heavier than traditional Trout Wonderline to sweeten fast rods . At $59.
    I do support most Orvis line and have been using them for at least 5 years now.

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