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Thread: white bass

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    thanks guys lots of good advise. Is there a different approach when targeting stripers. I know this question is off topic but what do you guys use to keep your equipment in when fishing from a bank. I have a chest pack for when I trout fish. I am looking for ideas I am thinking about getting a bigger fly boxes to keep big bass flies in, and I know they wont fit in a chest pack or vest. Once again thanks for the help

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    You just have to find them, put a bait fish pattern in front of them and enjoy! Tie your flies really sturdy. They will tear them up!

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    I own a place near Rend Lake. That's a good striper lake. Fish the north end. Use your graph to find the coal mine longwalls and cast parallel to them with shad bodies, sonars, shad raps, etc... I keep a big white/grey popper on a fly rod while I am bass fishing the necks in that end. When the stripers decide to bust a school of shad you can have a blast with one. Colder water you have to throw slab spoons and such off the main points. It would be hard with a fly rod. I've never tried.

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    Your info on bridges is on the money!WBs will run in and out of bridge abutments trying to slam baitfish into the structure. And in the evening like there cousins the Stripers they will hang in the bridge shadow lines to ambush bait .
    If your fishing a power plant lake in the winter and colder seasons it's a matter of how far they stage from the warm water discharge. Working your fly from warm to gradually colder and to very cold water once you hook one that's where you'll hook a bunch because one degree can make the difference between a boatload or a skunkload!
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    I know this question is off topic but what do you guys use to keep your equipment in when fishing from a bank.
    I use a common soft tackle bag like below. Holds fly boxes, sun screen, water bottles, rain jacket, etc and I'm good to go. Leave it on the ground or sling it over your shoulder. Also works great in boats. Trout stuff stays in vest and bass stuff stays in the bag. Just grab the right one when leaving the house.

    The one I have has a hard plastic "pan" bottom so if I set it in a puddle or when the floor of my canoe becomes a puddle, the stuff inside does not get soaked.

    Another way to go especially if you may be walking far is using a small day back pack.

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    Is that a normal tackle bag that you'd buy at the tackle store, or is that an actual fly pack?

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    Just a normal tackle bag you can pick up at Dick's, Bass Pro, Cabela's, etc.

    I think I paid $30 for mine at Dick's. Nothing specialized like those $90 multi pocketed bags with famous brand names on them.

    Mine has one feature I find useful, one side has a mesh pocket. During or after a trip, I put all my soaking wet flies in it so they can dry quickly and not get the inside of the bag wet.

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    White bass are alot of fun!! Look forward to them running in the creeks here! Last yr I used my 6wt but I bought a rio streamer sink tip line for my fast 4wt....anyone ever tried a rod that light for them?

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