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Thread: Korean carp?

  1. Default Korean carp?

    Hey all!-1st post on this forum!

    I'm a soldier stationed in South Korea... And currently I've been hitting some carp rivers with my fly rod. However, I have had absolutely NO luck!

    The carp completely ignore my fly and the only hope seems to be me casting the fly literally into their mouth - they act as if the fly nearly touching their face doesn't exist!

    I've watched these carp.. And they rise readily and sip down the greenish algae substance released from a drain pipe into the river.. Is the trick just to use an "algae fly"?! Lol

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Default Re: Korean carp?

    I would sure give it a try. Match the hatch....What do I know? I have yet to catch my first carp

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    Default Re: Korean carp?

    Welcome to the Forum and thanks for your service to our country!

    I know virtually nothing about Carp, I have only landed one and that was a Mirror Carp an incidental catch while I was fishing for trout, so I can't provide much help. There are a few members here that fish for Carp all the time, I would suggest sending a PM to Chased, John Montana and Joni. Also do a Google search for John's blog called "Carp on the Fly", he has a lot of information about fishing for Carp on that site.
    Here is a post that John put up awhile back:
    First carp of 2014 for me

    Here is one of Joni's:
    The Addiction Continues


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  5. Default Re: Korean carp?

    Thanks guys! I might have found a guy to help me chase down these carp right here on the forum... We will test our luck and hopefully hook into some big ones!

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    Rule #1, know your forage. Carp are masters of finding the most efficient way to get you need to figure out what they are eating as their primary forage. They will often eat other things but matching a fly and presentation to their primary forage will take you from catching a couple to catching a ton! If they are eating primarily algae (and they certainly could be) then match it and you should be good to go. If they are eating nymphs, same deal. Junk owing their primary forage is the key. Took me a while to figure out my carp were eating clams, but once I figured that out I started catching them regularly. Good luck man! They are fun fish.
    John Montana

    Carp on the Fly

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    Default Re: Korean carp?

    I'll be interested to follow this post. Have never targeted carp with a fly rod, much less in Korea. If you haven't seen this video, it is well worth a watch.

    Are you able to get flies / tying material in Korea?

    Thanks for your service
    - William

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  10. Default Re: Korean carp?

    I saw that video and I cried lol. He's catching those same exact carp on the same exact river almost... (Few miles away probably ). And I can't catch any!!

    So... What do you suggest for an "algae fly"?

    I have tying equipment in the states... But not the supplier or the time here in Korea

    My scant free time is spent on the river I'm afraid ~

    Thanks guys! Keep the intel coming

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    Default Re: Korean carp?

    glad you've already got some good infosGood luck....and don't forget to post a pic of your first carp.

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    Default Re: Korean carp?

    I was casting fruitlessly to Grass Carp for months with all kinds of stuff right in front of them. During this same time I was getting decent response from Common Carp. But nary a sniff from the Grass Carp.

    My son & I decided to watch them rather than casting. We saw a similar thing as you, they were sipping bits of grass and debris from the surface and just below. Thomas even had one nibble on his bright green fly line.

    We switched to this color fly and we started getting hits. Not lots and but enough to get in the game. We're using 10" tippet on 9-10' leaders. Dead drift with no drag. We use 5-6wt tackle. They fight good but their runs are steady so IMHO just about any decent reel/rod can handle them. Heavier and a quiet presentation is harder.

    The charturse Hopper has landed one and many hook ups. I caught another beauty on a darker green woolybugger drifted right next to his nose. These devils have a very very quick pick up/spit out sequence. So you got to get on 'em quick.

    Good luck,


    Grass carp on Orvis cheapie 6wt and GPX
    Common Carp; TFO Signature cheapie 5wt and 6wt Bass Bug Taper

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    Default Re: Korean carp?

    Nice looking carp. I've yet to hook a carp on a fly but it's not from want of trying. Mention of carp taking grass or green algae has made me remember some luderick flies that I have that are tied to look like shiney aquatic sea weed. Will try them, along with everything else that looks like a chance, next time I target carp.
    I've also watched that video about carp fly fishing in South Korea. It always makes me smile and it's wonderful to see someone getting such obvious joy from their fishing.The way it should be.
    tangotracer--I wish you well and success in your quest.

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