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  1. Default Sage Launch Anyone?

    I thinking of getting a 3wt rod for pan fish this season and the Sage Launch seems to fit the bill at Cabela's.

    Anyone have one of these? Do you have another recommendation for a decent 3wt rod? I'd appreciate your opinions.


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    Default Re: Sage Launch Anyone?

    The 386-4 Launch is a real nice rod. If you like shorter rods, the New LL Bean 'Double L' 6'6" 4pc 3wt for $195 is a sweet stick too, I can't wait to put a fish on it
    ... But a lifelong journey.

    I choose fly rods the same way I do women, motorcycles, and cowboy boots...
    go with what ever feels good, and keep on hand as many as I can afford

  3. Default Re: Sage Launch Anyone?

    The Sage Launch is a great stick. I have used the seven and a half footer. Great casting rod.

    I would say though that there are other options out there though so cast a few and see which ones you like.

    While you are at Cabela's, try out the three forks three weight. You will save a ton of cash and have a great rod in the process.
    All Means All

  4. Default Re: Sage Launch Anyone?

    I have casted a Sage Launch, but I do not own one.
    I would tend to agree with Curtis. If your thinking of a
    rod specifically for panfish I'd also check out some of
    Cabelas fly rods. I personally found one of their 8'6" 3wt
    travel rod combos on sale a while back & that's what I
    use for bluegill only. These rods, like Curtis mentioned, will
    be less $$ & still give you plenty of action with those type
    of fish.

    Tie One On

  5. Default Re: Sage Launch Anyone?

    Sage are the best fly rods IMHO! The Launch is a beautiful thing.

    When you look close at a Sage, you can see that the base is thicker then the rest and the tip is thinner. The most modern design for a fly rod.

    A couple months ago I was comparing the 5wts. I wanted a fast rod...... the Launch is Med-Fast, I wanted super fast...... but Launch is still a wonderful rod!!

    For me it came down to a St Croix legend Ultra or a Sage Fli. Both 9' 5wts are super light, 3.5oz. The Sage would cast better and not "giggle" like the St Croix. The St Croix has a thinner base and giggles all the time when you shake it. And the Sage is way cheaper, $255 rather than $320.

    But you get what you pay for. The Orvis Helios is the world's lightest fly rod but sells for $755! LOL A 5wt is only 2 3/8oz...... even with 4 piece! I have come to realize that the lightest rod is the best. You will be casting it all day, and the lighter it is, the better IMHO!

    Maybe someday, but I'm still happy with my Sage.

    Fish On,

  6. Default Re: Sage Launch Anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by Curtis View Post
    While you are at Cabela's, try out the three forks three weight. You will save a ton of cash and have a great rod in the process.
    Thanks for the comments. I have a Three Forks in 5 wt with the old Drake reel Cabela's sold and it works fine with the right line (Rio Classic). I also have a 6wt St. Croix Avid that is a very fine rod, but I'm not sure what a giggle is from what FlyRichardFly refers to.

    I bought a Sage LL years ago and of course I wish I still had it. That is the kind of action I'd like to see again. I thought the Launch might be close. That and a second hand reel might be in order.

    Thanks again for your comments.

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    Default Re: Sage Launch Anyone?

    Other 3 wt rods to consider, the TFO Lefty Kreh Signature series 7'6" for the steep price of $99. For the money, I love this rod.

    Went to a local Cabelas, casted three 3 wt rods. We ran both 3 and 4 weight line on all three rods. The three rods in question being Sage FLI, Sage Launch, and the TFO Signature. At that point, the TFO running 4 weight line was perfect. And for the price, it was a sure bet. I also own a Sage 490 FLI, and a 890 Z-Axis so I am a huge Sage fan. Just happen to love the TFO in that configuration.

    Hope this helps,

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    Default Re: Sage Launch Anyone?

    I've got one 3wt. It was an X-mas present when I lived in Philly. It is an Orvis Tippet series. Absolutely love it. Used it on the Henry's Fork once. caught a fat 16" Rainbow, that was an interesting experience! LOL. Whatever you choose lite weight rods are a lot of fun!!

    My worst day on the water beats my best day anywhere else hands down!!

    Upstream Anglers and Outdoor Adventures

  9. Default Re: Sage Launch Anyone?

    I'm a big SAGE guy. The one I use the most would have to be the Fli 9' 5wt. I use it for all panfish and trout and on the occasion a pike might slam it. It was about $300 but well worth it.


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