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Thread: New #8 bass/pike line

  1. Default New #8 bass/pike line for ross flystik

    So i've a new 8 weight rod coming in. And a new line has to be bought.
    I would be either the airflo pike/musky line of the 40+ sniper.

    Im having trouble deciding here. The heavier grain weight sounds good on the sniper lines, but the bass/musky is aslo halfweight heavier.

    Anyone here that have cast both lines and can make a comparison.

    I fish close in mostly, not very far, maybe 15-20ft. So it has to load the rod quickly with one false cast and be accurate at it.

    Im guessing the sniper would to that, since its like the outbound short ive read about.

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    Default Re: New #8 bass/pike line

    the 40+ is designed to launch line out further. i would go with the bass/musky line, especially for close in work....or like you mentioned, the outbound short( my favorite).

  3. Default Re: New #8 bass/pike line

    The 40+ Sniper is designed with a shorter heavier head, so i thought i would be more or less the same as the outbound short.

    Outbound short is quite expensive

  4. Default Re: New #8 bass/pike line

    I use Rio's pike/musky on my 8wt, I find myself making very accurate casts in the range you described. Once the taper is out it loads and shoots just fine. I am quite happy with it. I can also bomb it when needed! Hope this helps. I can't speak for the airflo lines however....

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