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Thread: Summer Fun!

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    Default Summer Fun!

    I'm having so much enjoyment with my 3 wt and my pontoon float tube!

    I fish several lakes in central PA, and I catch like crazy every time I go out. Even in a deep water lake, the fish feed on top every morning and night!

    I have nothing to do with Dave Scadden, but I must say that his Outlaw Escape pontoon / float tube (I purchased mine in Cabelas for only $700) is "perfection"! I've used it maybe 300 times so far, and no problems at all! It doesn't lose any air, bladerless is the way to go, and is so comfy to fish from!

    Also, and I have nothing to do with Orvis either, my Sonic Seam waders were used maybe 200 times (I wet tube in the summer) and no leaks at all for those comfy things!

    I have the Susquehanna close by, and I could fish for Smallmouth (I'll hit the White Fly hatch for a couple weeks) or Carp, but in a big clean lake the abundant sunfish are "Nirvanna" with my 3 wt Helios sitting in my float tube.

    I tie all my flies (but I must say that a mini-bugger is the best producer) and have so much fun when I go out fishing!

    I was going to visit Ard, way up north, or concentrate on the world famous Yellow Breeches (only 45 mins from me) but I have found such happiness with these wild Bluegills, Perch, and Crappie that I don't have to look any further?

    Tight Lines,

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    Default Re: Summer Fun!

    You don't have to name drop. Welcome back!

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    Default Re: Summer Fun!

    Quote Originally Posted by smilingduck View Post
    You don't have to name drop. Welcome back!

    OK! I used to be cyber friends with Ard, I'm getting back to normal? sometimes a name drop is a good thing? They almost kicked me off this forum because I often use a Spin Rod, and I seem to have a love affair with "Gulp Alive"! LOL

    I had a strange urge to use my fly rod with some "home tied" feather flies. I tied some mini buggers with rubber legs (like Nick tied in his Fave Fly). Well, I tore up the Bluegills and small Bass today!

    Everything is fine now! Maybe tomorrow, I'll post some killer pix with my fly rod?

    I can probably catch a lot more with Gulp, but there is something missing with my fishing experience?

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    Default Re: Summer Fun!

    Hi Rick,

    Glad to hear you're having some good fishing back there. I thought we were still cyber friends Whatever happened went down while I was away over on the Bay so I'm not up to date on that. It looks as if this would have been a good year to be up in AK., for one thing the weather & water conditions have been real good so far. I'll be fishing with some forum members on Thursday who are touring the state at this time.

    Right now the silvers are coming in good numbers and I hope there is a huge surge tomorrow so the folks on Thursday can have a good day. That trip to the bay gave me the chance to catch all 5 species of salmon as well as trout & grayling so I'm getting some fishing time in myself. On Friday I leave again for a 7 day trip so you be good while I'm gone OK


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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