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  1. Default Fresh and saltwater rod?

    I'm looking to get one rod for freshwater bass, carp, and perch but also for reds and seatrout in saltwater bays. Any suggestions????

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    Default Re: Fresh and saltwater rod?

    A couple of years back I purchased an 9' 8 wt. rod for both freshwater and light saltwater fishing. It was a very reasonably priced Cabelas Three Forks rod and I upgraded a bit and bought a Cabelas RLS reel which I thought had a better drag system than some of the cheaper reels. The outfit is probably a little overkill for most of the bass I catch but it has performed extremely well on many good size carp for me (some of them in the 15-20 lb. range). I would not hesitate to go after pike or musky with it either. I have gained a lot of confidence in this outfit over the past few seasons. My saltwater experience is very limited but it worked great for me earlier this year on Stripers both in the bay and the surf in Cape Cod. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Fresh and saltwater rod?

    If your only going to get 1 rod then definitely go with an 8wt.Yeah,an 8 is overkill for most LMB but it allows you to throw most any bass fly you want.It will handle just about all FW fish and about 90% of inshore SW fish.If I were limited to 1 rod for all my fishing,it would be an 8wt.Most recommend a 9' rod but I prefer a shorter rod.I have an 8'8" Scott Heliply and love it.TFO makes an 8'9" Clouser model and there are others out there.Just my preference but shorter rods are lighter in hand and quicker on the cast.

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    Default Re: Fresh and saltwater rod?

    I use an 8 weight for both fresh and salt, and it is the most used rod in the bunch. Definitely focus your attention on the 8's for the species you mentioned. I use a Sage Z-Axis as my go-to utility rod, and it's been a great tool for the job.
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    Default Re: Fresh and saltwater rod?

    I just picked up an 8 wt TFO clouser and it seems perfect for bass and inshore salt species that require heavy flies.

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    Default Re: Fresh and saltwater rod?

    A 9' 8-weight is about perfect for what you want to do and it's what I use for that exact same set of uses on the Potomac river and in SW.

    I use a TFO PRO II, which is a touch more 'moderate' from fast, but most people seem to prefer a typical fast action rod for the job.

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    Actually, a 9' 8-weight is my favorite length and line weight rod, period. If I could choose nothing else, I'd choose that rod and still put it to use virtually anywhere on the planet.

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    Default Re: Fresh and saltwater rod?

    I'll chime in and join the 9x8 chorus. As someone up above already mentioned, you don't really need an 8 to play a largemouth bass, but it is awfully handy when you're trying to chuck some of those big, air-resistant deer hair poppers. And an 8 is about the minimum weight capable of handling windy conditions in the salt.

    As for wich model to get, the 9x8 is one of the most popular sizes on the market, so most manufacturers make good ones, and in several different actions and price ranges, from under $200 to over $800. You'll just have to be like Harry Potter shopping for the right magic wand, and go around to a few shops and wiggle them for yourself, to see which one feels best in your hand.

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    Default Re: Fresh and saltwater rod?

    I also would recommend, and use, an 8wt for both bass and saltwater.

    You might want to take a look at Rise Fishing Co. And no I don't work for them. But, I have had a chance to cast, in an 8wt, both the Balance ($130) and Level ($299) and all I can say is that I was blown away at how they cast and looked.

    The Balance is a med/fast action and the Level is a fast action rod. Both cast very nicely and I thought that the Level cast just as good if not better than my St Croix Legend Elite SW rod. I bought the Balance in a 8wt as a back up rod. But have found myself fishing it almost everytime I've gone out.

    If I hadn't already owned a fast action 8, I would have bought the Level as well.


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    The consinsus seems to be the 8wt, 9'. Bass Pro has a Reddington kit that is really good for $139. It is a "cross water", recommended for inshore fish, and FW bass. The reel is carbon, and the rod has really good action. I have it, and have used it a lot. People that have been doing this for years that have tried my rod have really liked it, too. Orvis has a kit for $159 that I'm told is very nice, too.

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