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    Default Fun with "Feather Flies"

    Wonderful day today catching near 100 beautiful Bluegills with a 3 wt. The best part for me was I only used home tied feather flies!

    I have 8 warmwater lakes near me that are great to fish from a float tube. The deepest lake, which has a lot of Crappie, is impossible to fish with a fly rod (I posted a spin report, and the "mods" PM'ed me and said that they would beat me up and break my spin rod!) LOL

    I went to a different lake today (with shoreline water under 6') which is perfect for a fly rod. I tied some mini buggers, size 12 2X, with rubber legs, and some "Cap Spiders" (used down south a lot. a 1/80 jig head with Chenille and 8 sili legs all in front)

    Well, my first cast had a nice sized 'Gill grab the fly. I worked my way around the lake cove and got a hit on almost every second cast!

    What a wonderful day! I didn't feel the need to grab my Gulp Alive. I knew that sooner or later, the Feather Flies would come alive!

    Tight Lines,

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    Default Re: Fun with "Feather Flies"

    That there looks like some fine eatin'!

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    Default Re: Fun with "Feather Flies"

    rick im sure youve tried pinchot ,if you havent you should .lots of weeds that holds bluegill fairly shallow.if you fish poppers at dark you get an occasional bonus bass.

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    Default Re: Fun with "Feather Flies"

    Looks like a good time! I want to get a 3wt. Looks like it adds a bit more fun to the fight of the small stuff than my 5wt does

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    Default Re: Fun with "Feather Flies"

    Quote Originally Posted by dpreller View Post
    rick im sure youve tried pinchot ,if you havent you should .lots of weeds

    I sure do! Pinchot is shallow, and the fish bite there first of the season. Also, it's perfect for a float tube.

    My "There be Lilly Pads" post was at Pinchot. >50 Bluegills on beadhead nymphs and lots of Pickerel in those Lilly Pads. I catch a bunch of Largemouth Bass at low light with my 6 wt and top water poppers.

    Very close to me, I have Pinchot, Redman, Williams, Laurel, Opossum, and Marburg. Plus the lower Susquehanna (White Fly hatch just ended), Yellow Breeches, Mountain Creek, and the most wonderful Muddy Creek (not muddy at all, a trout paradise that fishes great all year)

    So much world class warmwater and coldwater very close to me. Sometimes I get bored, and fish deep water with spin gear, but I could catch any day with my fly rod and feather flies!

    A month ago was the last time I fished Pinchot. Thick weeds on the left side of the park (some call it the pond area). I talked with a young park ranger police guy, and he told me that they were about to use "weed cutters" in those shallow areas. I'll have to give it a shot in a couple days?

    Thanks for reminding me! I forgot all about Pinchot!

    "So much water to fish, and so little time"

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