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Thread: Carp Leaders

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    Quote Originally Posted by clever_nickname View Post
    I guess I'm the only one who uses a 9 foot piece of 10 lb mono then ha
    I use about that on to a 30 butt so it doesn't cut into my line. It turns a weighted wooly bugger over just fine for me. I think it's little stealthier than a tapered leader. The waters I fish are fairly clear.

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    I've taken to twisting my own leaders. I bought a spool of 10lb and 12lb flouro. I make the butt section of the leader around 6-7 ft long and then add a section of 10lb "tippet"
    - Ian

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    my carp leader (for my 7wt) is:

    All flouro.

    1.5-2ft, 25lb
    2ft, 20lb
    2-2.5ft, 15lb
    3-4ft, 10lb.

    Works well for where and how I fish.

    I have run just straight 10lb when I am in a place where I am essentially dapping for them.


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    Carps are very easily spooked fish, but when they are hooked it is fun. I've been using 14lb flurocarbon 3ft right off of the fly line itself.

    "Forget all the reasons why it won't work and believe the 1 reason why it will".

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    When I'm fishing for Carp I use my 6wt Fenwick HMG with floating line with a straight 14lb fluorocarbon leader, I have never had an issue with the 14lb! The lakes here in New Mexico are all different when it comes to Carp, some of them get spooked easy where as others do not.

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    I tie my own leaders for carp and they turn over everything I can throw with my 8 weight, from size 12 nymphs all the up to 1/0 clouser minnows.

    Here's what I do.

    -30 lb. Trilene Big Game butt section starting with a double surgeon's loop (stronger than a perfection loop), 4 ft. long, attach surgeon's loop to your fly line loop (or if line doesn't have a loop, make your own loop in the end of the fly line by putting a couple of nail knots with 20 lb. line to secure the loop).

    -20 lb. Trilene Big Game tied to butt section with a double uni knot (makes a clean, in line connection), 2-3 ft. long.

    - 10 or 12 lb. Stren flourocarbon tippet, 2 ft. long, attached by a triple surgeon's knot.

    I use this same basic leader formula for bass as well with good results.
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    I have been using a basic nylon bass leader cut to the larger diameter section, then ad 12lbs invisix fluorocarbon tippet. Working great.

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    Mine is very similar to ghostriders. I like a 7 weight line for carp. I either use a 7 weight TFO Mangrove or a 6 weight TFO BVK usually for carp, and I'll use the same 7 weight Rio Smallmouth line on either one. The seven weight is good because although most carp flies are small, I usually have some patterns heavily weighted, and the 7 weight line helps turn them over in close on a longer leader, especially when I overline the 6 weight rod. Most of the carp I've caught have been on casts shorter than 20 feet.

    For the leader I use 3.5 of 20 lb Big Game in green, 2.5 feet of Seagar 15 lb flouro, and however much tippet I need in Stren 10lb flouro. Works great. I use that for smallmouth a lot too. I've had luck with level leaders for carp, but a little taper helps me go longer with my leader. If they notice your fly line splash down, the fish is gone, so I try to keep my leader at least 9 foot except for when I'm stalking the banks for them. Another thing with the level leaders is that the smaller diameter line will cut into your fly line loop if you use one.

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    It's been a while, but I used to use FC furled leaders and a piece of 10-12lb fluorocarbon. If I recall, I used to use the bass or bullwhip ones.

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    Default Carp Leaders

    It depends on the fly weight, water clarity and wind. A. 30, 20, 15. 12 or 10 lb step down works for most every thing I'm throwing on an 8 wt. if you want a longer leader, most times I extend the butt instead of the tippet. Keeps things casting smooth. Furled leaders make casting and presentation sexyer if your throw small stuff. Kinda expensive for carp though. At least here in the states.

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