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    I've had decent luck with updated versions of the Calcasieu Pig Boat. The latest edition to my collection


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    Brammer's seasoned geezer or at least my attempt of it.

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    Tied a couple dozen chartreuse crappie critters last night, getting ready for the season.
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    I hadnít been tying or using the Balanced Leeches as much with the deer hair diver action being so hot recently. Yesterday evening, the topwater bite seemed off so I went to a balanced Leech at the very end of the outing. This 6# bass took the leech tied on a size one Gamakatsu 90 degree jig hook right next to a dock and went into the pilings. The hook bent a bit as you can see in the photo, but held in spite of the fish getting fully wrapped up under the dock. I had to go over in the boat and reach way down to lip the fish to land it while it was still wrapped up.

    I donít think the daiichi hooks I was using previously would have held. Definitely not all hooks are created equal.

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    This is my first attempt at a squirrel zonker streamer. Is this what is called a slumpbuster fly? We will see if it falls apart once it gets wet. haha.
    Next one I will wrap some wire to help hold the zonker strip down. Wrapping the zonker at the head was easer than I though it would be.

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    Some kreelex variations. I’m a new tyer and still need a bit of practice with these but I can’t wait to fish them.


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    Had some spare time today.

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    Egg patterns
    I didn't want to have to do this BUT, after seeing the considerably better luck others were having on their y2k's and pellet flies, than me on my more traditional patterns, here we go. I think the bigger ones look more like Power Bait than eggs, which is why I expect them to work-as sad as that sounds...sigh20180405_221322.jpg

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    You're just matching the "hatch" on any heavily stocked stream. I've tied up some short stubby mop flies in hot pink, fluorescent orange for the power baits and tan(to match food pellets). Haven't fished them yet. I tied up these "critters" the other day. First is an attempt at a dragonfly nymph using a mop piece for the body, the second one was going to be a larger, darker dragonfly nymph using furled chenille as the body. I think it's will work as a mutant tadpole.



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