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    Default Re: What are you Tying?

    A couple of things I tied up in the past couple of weeks. A box of furled chenille worms. Figure I'll use them for both trout and pan fish. Caught a 10 inch crappie on one of the fluorescent yellow ones today. So they show some promise.


    A couple of woolly buggers tied on jig hooks.



    And a generic bait fish pattern tied on a size 10 B10S with Senyo Laser Dub


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    Default What are you Tying?

    Tying up some Superior X-legs type golden stone nymphs, in hope of catching that hatch in NW Idaho after meeting in Spokane in early June.

    Oops... this is the warmwater tying thread, not the general one I was looking for! I guess Iíll pretend Iím going to use them for smallies instead of trout...


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    Default Re: What are you Tying?

    Hereís what Iíve been working on, getting ready for pike fishing.
    This is a pattern I found called the well-fed, theyíre tied on 3/0-4/0 widegap worm hooks, with marabou and bunny strip on the deep bend of the hook for a wide profile
    Some deceivers and seaducers
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    Default Re: What are you Tying?

    Still messing around with mop pieces. We had a mop piece swap on another board and I had to think about what to tie with some large wide black pieces and some smaller blue pieces.

    Came up with these creatures for the black pieces. Could be a dragonfly nymph.


    And a couple of floating crippled damsel flies for the blue pieces.


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    Default Re: What are you Tying?

    Found this Neolt Drafting Table out by the dumpster behind my office. Iíve been thinking something like this would be good to tie on. Iím not sure why someone threw the table away because I couldnít find anything wrong with it other than it needed a little cleaning.

    Cleaned it up and put it into action. It even comes with a view.

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    I found this pattern on the Global Flyfisher last fall. I tied up a prototype which worked fairly well. It's designed to swim in the surface film and leave a small wake.
    This is tied in a tarpon fly style and should give me some bite protection if a toothy critter grabs it.


    I'll probably tie most of the flies I do like this.


    I'm heading up to a lake in the Poconos for a week on May 19th. It has some big bass in it. Not sure how it will ride, but I'll find out.


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