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    Quote Originally Posted by smp005 View Post
    Never caught one on a fly rod, used to hook big ones on the Arkansas River while bass fishing years ago.

    Someone dumped a few in our club's private lake and they really hammered the spawning bass and bluegills. Since they were an apex predator in a place they did not belong we had to eliminate them.

    They liked to lay along the bank in the shallows at night - hit them with a spot light and a 12 gauge 3 1/2 load of #1s resulted in instant termination with prejudice!
    People bow hunt for them here. The Alligator gar is protected in a way here in Texas. A person may only take one per day and the Texas Parks and Wildlife will close rivers if they deem the gar are spawning.

    I really haven't paid enough attention to them. Oyster creek was within walking distance of my old house and there was one spot I used to go where the gar would mill around on the surface below a raised bank. I'd cast to them and like fr8dog said they'd go for a pattern brought by close to their eyes. I usually was tossing shrimp flies and redfish crack patterns and got a few takes that way, but they would always shake off before I could land them

    The lake I live on now has an abundance of gar, but also largemouth bass, crappie and other warm water fish. The gar don't seem to be hurting the other fish too much. For some reason, I never see any really big gar here on the lake. Lots of 3' ones. Seems like the big alligator gar favor the rivers and the lakes here mostly have spotted gar. We just had a massive influx of flood water into the lake from Harvey related rains so maybe some alligator gar will be in the new mix of fish. The flood brought in an 8' alligator, although I haven't seen him the last few day.

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    Default Re: Gar On The Flypole

    I just use the simple 'rope fly'. It's the only thing that seems to work. I made a couple with craft fur and one with bucktail. Both had small hooks attached with wire. Couldn't keep them on.

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