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Thread: New pics of ep flys!

  1. Default New pics of ep flys!

    Here is the one I tied. I don't know if I like it. Still looks wrong. I can see through it! Don't know if that is any better. The second pic is of your bunny strip pattern flygal. I don't have any ep brushes so I just used ep fiber. I can't get the head flush up against the bullet weight. How did you do that? So what do ya think?
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  2. Default Re: New pics of ep flys!

    Those are freaking awesome!!!! Nice job - you've nailed it! Swim them if you haven't and see how they feel. Your going to love that grey back fly - that thing is going to catch fish for ya.

    I dub some EP or wrap some bunny as a soft hackle to cover the gap between the thread and cone.

  3. Default Re: New pics of ep flys!

    Thanks for the idea. I will put some dubbing of some sort on that one. I hope I can catch some fish with my new ep fly! I will let you know the results!

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