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    ok good to know. they are fun to catch!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeMcFly View Post
    got a question guys. how long do the smallies stay in the river? all summer? or do they just spawn and leave like steelhead do???? I am gonna try to look around for a answer
    if you didnt find an answer for this question im 90% sure they stay in the river all year round but in the winter they are a little bit deeper.
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    you should be happy enough just knowing that you
    tricked that fish into hitting an artificial fly.

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    "McFly, I thought I told you to never come in here again" Back to the Future 1.
    If they do leave, the salmon and steelheads will take their place.

    Nice forum, McFly lots of pix.... that's what I like. I bookmarked it and I will visit often. Lake Erie is such a wonderful place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joni View Post
    Don't know if this will work with your waders, but the Orvis one way was to run a flashlight on the inside, when you see a white light, there is the hole.
    Also, something about alcohol and water in a sprayer. Maybe someone know about this.
    I'm pretty sure that newfangled alcohol trik works just with breathables. From what I recall, you evenly mix water and isopropyl alc in a spray bottle, turn your waders inside out, and lightly coat they entire inside with the alc-water blend. Then turn the waders right side out and any pinholes will have soaked areas around them. Something about the alcohol wicking through the holes via capillary action or some-such fanciness.

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    Thanks Cliff.

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