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Stan Wright 05-06-2008 11:24 PM

Spring Spawners
Spring Spawners.

It's been a pretty good spawn for peacock bass here in Hawaii. The bad news is... we need rain in a bad way. The good news is.... with no rain the water level has stayed consistent and the fish are all over the place and easy to spot.

Chris hosted a TV crew from Outdoor Pursuits, so you guys in New England will get a chance to see some of our fishing action pretty soon. Sportsman's News is also doing a picture story.

It's been more "Quality" fishing action, rather than a large "Quantity" of fish caught this last month. The 1 and 2 pound peacock bass are few and far between. The 3 to 5 spawning fish are there. We've seen some peacock bass that have to top the state record 9.4 pounder..... but they just swim away when you toss an offering to them. Fly, lure, or live bait. I know...."That's why they call it Fishing and not Catching."

GeorgeMcFly 05-07-2008 01:05 AM

Re: Spring Spawners
nice fish! would love to get me some monsters like that! only thing that big here is steelhead and carp

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