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  1. Default attaching an optional trailer hook?

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I would tie in an optional trailer hook? I may not want it all the time and I want to be able to attach one whenever I feel the need. Thanks.

  2. Default Re: attaching an optional trailer hook?

    Tgood -- See Animated, Fishing, Or
    Just Tie Improved Clinch On Pencil Then Slip On Curved Part
    Of Hook & Tighten -- There Are Many Good Ways Really.. Adding
    Dropper Is Very Good Idea.. C.g.

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    Default Re: attaching an optional trailer hook?

    Hi tgoodwater,

    I am a little confused with your question. Are you asking about a trailer/stinger hook or a dropper hook? A trailer hook is use in long flies or lures when the fish are short striking. A dropper hook is used so two different flies can be fished at one time. Which technique are you asking about?


    Fly with a Trailer Hook

  4. Default Re: attaching an optional trailer hook?

    I am asking about a trailer hook and not a dropper hook. My ep fiber flys are not hooking up. I am getting alot of bites and I can't seem to hook 'em. So I think I need to put a trailer hook on them. I guess would a dropper type system work with just a really short line to another hook work? I see your pick and that is exactly what I pictured my ep fly to look like. So to answer your question yes I am looking for a trailer hook. Thanks for your help Frank.

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    Default Re: attaching an optional trailer hook?

    Hi tgoodwater,

    Here are some ideas.

    1. I would tye up flies in both configurations. One with a trailer and one with no trailer. Then as conditions change you can select the fly that works best. I think this is your best method as you can incorporate the mono holding the trailer hook into the construction of the fly.

    2. If you are tying flies with larger hooks and I think you are with the EP fiber flies. You can attach a trailer using a straight eyed hook Like the Daiichi 2370. It is a size 4 and is almost 7X long. You attach it with a piece of surgical tubing like the picture. The picture is a 1/0 hook and you might have a problem finding tubing small enough for a number 4 hook. With the tubing placed like in the photo, you put the front hook through the eye of the trailer and slide it into position. The tubing keeps it in place. With a number 4 hook you might have to glue the tubing in place over the eye of the trailer.


  6. Default Re: attaching an optional trailer hook?

    Ok I will try both of those options. When I get some done I will post pics of them.

  7. Default Re: attaching an optional trailer hook?

    I was having the very same issues, but for big blue fish. Blues are about the only fish I know of that don't "aim " for the eyes. They just want a mouth full and don't care were it comes form. So I use a 8 inch peice of knotable wire ( toothy critter by cortland or tigerwire) I then slide the hook onto the wire and tie a double overhand kn ot with both tags. so you'll have a hook on a loop. I then bend the wire over the hook of the fly and then slip the trailer hook throught the loop, I make sure that the knot is in between both hooks and pull tight. this only works witha barbed hook. this loop trailer will not slip over the barb . I hope this makes sense. It is kind of like attaching one of those o ring indactors.

    Email me if you need further defination.

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