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    I was wondering if anyone has ever caught a coi (spelling?) on a fly rod? You know, the 10lb goldfish? If anyone has ever caught one or even had one on (not snagged) I'm curious of what type of fly you used? I was also wondering if anyone knew of any good flies for grass carp. I know the "common" carp is most often stalked by fly fisherman and I'm aware of many of the flies used for them but can you take a grass carp on a fly? Is it just a puff of marabou that looks like vegetation? Any input would be appreciated. thanks in advance.

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    A buddy of mine has a bunch of grass carp in his pond, which I try to take every summer with a fly rod. I have had no luck, not even a glance at anything I throw, including grass. I was told that his brother hooked one once, but I don't know what he used, and it may be a tall tale.

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    Well my "grass" fly had mixed results over the weekend. Although It apeared to get a few glances from the grass carp, I didn't have any takers. BUT... something even cooler happened. I caught a largemouth bass on my grass fly. I saw him in the shallows (originally thought he was a carp) but spooked him about 10ft. Decided to throw at him anyway. The fly landed about 3 ft from him and slightly to the fish's left. He immediately turned on the fly and with no hesitation took it. The final result... I landed my first fish on nothing more than some grass tied on a hook with some thread.

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    Check out this thread by MarshallD Fly Rodding Miami Peacock Bass and a Bonus Fish!
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    I had heard that some people have had some luck with berries/imitations but unfortunately there are no trees along the banks. Might work in some of the other ponds around town though. Thanks for that aritcle.

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    You mentioned berries... I don't know if they will work for grass carp; but, for regular carp we do very well when the mulberries start dropping...We have even taken a carp or two on a dry mulberry pattern...


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    Davo, thanks for the thread on the berries and carp. That's something I will be trying at my friends pond next time I visit. Now I need to look up how to tie a berry fly.

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