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    Let me introduce myself.. Capt Mike Starrett fishing guide on the middle Potomac River for 17 years now. Love to see a toilet flush as a LGMouth destroys a Waldorf Hair Bug.

    Season is starting again as the temps hit 90+ and I am so ready. I know I type funny but SMIB's are not your regular kinda of folk.

    I will post pics and reports each week as the summer moves along.

    Last year pics...just a couple..

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    On the basket edge is a Waldorf Hair Bug..

    Capt Mike

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    Welcome to the forum. Look forward to your posts and pics. I used to live in Philly till I gave up the rat race and moved to Jackson Hole to be a guide. Never did make it down your way to fish though, be nice to see what I missed.
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    If you get a chance- put up a close-up of that bug. I've never heard of it before and would like to get a better look at it. Is it a popper? How do you fish it?

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    Hi Capt. Mike,

    Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to your post and photos. We all love to see pictures of nice fish.


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    Ok I have resized my pics and here they are..

    The last pics shows in Detail a Waldorf Hair Bug.. Well as much as possible that is...

    Capt Mike

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