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  1. Default Strange night tonight!

    The Susquehanna is so hot and shallow now that I've been fishing after dark with black woolybuggers and a intermediate line.
    I love to go out by myself. The quiet beautiful river has fish on the surface when the sun goes down. Also the smallmouth bass are in a decline, so I target the channel cats.
    Tonight I went to a remote area and started at 8:30 and fished until 10:30. I caught 4 channel cats with my flyrod and waded back to the shore. I walked down the path with my tiny waterproof flashlight and when I came to the gravel road I saw someone walking towards me.
    "Hey, man, can you drive me to a store to get some cigarettes?" "I have the money in my pocket, all I need is a ride"
    At first he looked at me mad. I thought he was going to swing at me. He didn't blink and I could see that he was wacked out on drugs.
    I said "hey, dude, I'm late for work..... sorry"
    Luckly, he was a small guy...... maybe 5'10" and weighed 150. I'm a big guy at 6'4" and weigh 240. I put my tackle in the trunk and then opened my door. On the other side of my car he said "Hey, man, can you spot me a few bucks?"
    I said "Sorry, I left my wallet at home"
    I knew that I could beat him up, but I thought he might have a knife or a gun in his pocket.
    I said "Just a minute, wait there" I quickly started my car and backed up. He hit my window and said "where ya goin?"
    Really a shame. I love to fish remote areas and most people don't like to stay as late as I do.
    BPS has some cheap handguns for under $500. I'm not a felon, so I can get a firearms holder permit for $35.
    The handguns aren't waterproof, so I'll have to leave it in my car.
    If I only wound the next thief, he will be coming after me for the rest of my life...... and he will hire a lawyer to sue me and say it's all my fault. So sad to say, but I'll have to make sure he's dead and then call the cops.
    Everything is strange now. All the fish species are in a major decline. People don't have a morality anymore. Everything is upside down.
    No more night fishing alone until I get a gun.

    "People are crazy, times are strange"
    "I'm locked in tight, I'm out of range"
    "I used to care, but things have changed"
    - Dylan

  2. Default Re: Strange night tonight!

    That bothers me. Glad it turned out ok, but still, gotta pass on the channel cats till you feel safer!

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    Default Re: Strange night tonight!

    Hi Richard,

    This world is changing quickly, too quickly.
    I have a C.W.P. and I never travel without my side arm, and unfortunately yes, I have also thought of carrying it with me at times on certain waters.

    I pray I never have to draw it, but if it ever comes to the survival of me, a family member, a friend, or someone in need, I would not think twice.

    I fear times will only get worse.

  4. Default Re: Strange night tonight!

    Hi Richard,

    Bummer to have a nice evening of fishing end on that kind of note. Normally when I carry a gun up here it's for bear, only occasionally for protection from anything else.

    FWIW, I have a Glock I carry on the water at times. With their steel treatment and composite components I've found them to be pretty much impervious to the elements, mines been in salt & silt without it bothering it at all so far. I've had some stainless and nickel plated guns that haven't fared nearly so well. Mileage can vary on ammo in the water though . . .


  5. Default Re: Strange night tonight!

    Yep, it ain't safe anywhere anymore. I had a run in with a big, crazed, shaved head camper at Deckers just last week. The guy was camped at Lone Rock Campground right on the river. I'm fishing the run right across from the camp access to the river. This guy comes down and starts chucking bait and bobber 10 feet from where I'm fishing. I politely (sort of) asked him if he was fishing with bait and he says "Sortta". I told him it was illegal to fish bait here and that he's not setting a very good example for his kids, who were down river shooting at fish with sling shots. He comes unglued and starts theatening me and yelling about paying for the campsite and he can do whatever he wants. It's a big river so I went waaaaayyyy up stream.
    I have a CWP and carry an over/under American Arms 357 mag derringer usually loaded with 38 specials. Hope I never have to use it.

  6. Default Re: Strange night tonight!

    It is a sad situation when you have to carry a side arm to go fishing. So far living in Manitoba it hasn't come to that. With the way the world is going I'm sure something will happen one day. Way to go on the Cats though. Glad you caught some.

  7. Default Re: Strange night tonight!

    I think the issue to carry or not should not be takin lightly. If you carry you have the means to take life quickly.. If you do not carry you need your wits and strength to survive. Use common sense with whatever decision you make but never stop fishing.. That would be a defeat the reason to fish in the first place..

    Buddy up also might work for you.

    Capt Mike

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