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Thread: Carp

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    Default Carp

    Do any members have recommendations for fly fishing books on how to fish for carp, Looking for any fly patterns, habitat, heck, any info at all. What about Asian carp?


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    I fly fish for carp quite a bit, but I don't know of any books on the topic. I'm sure they're out there.

    Carp are very skittish. More so than any trout in my opinion. This makes stealth the top priority. All of my experience is for common carp. These fish are extremely cautious, and when one spooks it will release a chemical into the water that tells the rest of the pod to bolt too.

    I prefer to fish for carp in streams, but you can find them pretty much anywhere from City parks to urban drainages to large rivers pristine freestone streams.

    A stout 6 weight rod is my favorite rod for these fish, because you need delicacy with some power. But for the biggest carp in my area I use a 7 weight. On bigger rivers you can get away with an 8. No matter what rod you use, you need a strong tippet and plenty of backing. I use 10-20lb flouro. They can't see as well as trout, so they don't get tippet shy, but the splash of a fly line or the shadow of a leader floating over them will send the whole pod bolting.

    To be successful carp fishing, you have to target the actively feeding fish. These fish ate either cruising the banks, or better yet rooting around the bottom stirring up mud. Mudding fish are your best bet.

    Treat it like turkey hunting. Be stealthy, put in the work to get the one shot that counts. Get any large nymph or small streamer (size 8-10 buggers are fine) in front of the mudding fish with as few false casts as possible and be ready for a firm hookset. Strip sets work best for me, but you have to be quick.

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    Google John Montana. He has a good carp blog.

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    Tie on a hybrid carp fly, walk the bank, either spot them or the tell tale mud trail, make your cast and give a very slight jig/shake action, hardly moving the fly.
    I just use my trout set up, a 5wt with 8lb flouro as tippet.
    Asian carp are a totally different story. "Asian" is a common slang, so it depends on what exact species, but most under that group eat plankton and plankton only, I would be fairly surprised if you could get them reliably on the fly. Everyone I know strictly bowfishes those.

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