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    Hello All Well Just to let everyone know, I recieved my replacement bladders from Caddis for my float tube today free of charge and will be hitting barth pit in the Am and get you all a new fishing report Bass should be off their beds weather hot river down water clear should be a good day of flyfishing can't wait to beat the Mrs. tomorrow

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    Hi puckerstrings,

    What was the problem with your bladders. I had a Caddis tube and it used an innertube for the donut and 2 bladders in the back. Was it the back bladders you were having a problem with?


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    No it was the 2 pontoon bladders used for the sides the seams split, but just installed the new ones and will give them a go in the AM. Did have the back bladder zipper come apart but it went back together.

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