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    Default Ohio River fly fishing

    Well, more like Ohio River casting practice.

    Our weather changed pretty dramatically overnight here in Louisville and since it was cool and windy for a change, I got out the 8 wt. and headed for the big water. I decided to work around the mouth of a feeder creek I'd never fished before.

    Walking in I jumped a heron, but it glided quietly away before I could get my phone out for a pic. Moments later (after putting my phone away) I jumped a small flock of mallards, probably 8-10 birds. They weren't nearly so quiet as the heron.

    The banks in this area are relatively flat and extend as such right to the waters edge. It seems the majority of banks in this region are steep, muddy affairs best suited to drowning things. I curse them at every opportunity and rejoice in finding waters with reasonably safe approaches. I found here, however, that the water averaged around 5' deep 2-3' out from the bank. I guess wading is out. With all the trees and underbrush in this area, roll casting is about the only option.

    I hooked a fish on the second cast of the morning, and it felt like a substantial one! In the Ohio, it could've been nearly anything that swims in fresh water except a trout or salmon. It threw the hook before I could bring it to hand, though. Unfortunately, that was the only solid strike I received this entire outing. Good thing, I suppose, as my casting practice wasn't interrupted by the inconvenience of landing and releasing fish.

    This picture is looking up the feeder creek at a small island (on the right) just in from the river. There's an old weir dam directly underneath the downed tree in mid-stream and I fished it thoroughly on both sides. "Worried it" would probably be the better term, but no takers.

    Later, I moved around toward the main channel of the river and fished my way back toward the car. I found some shallower areas that might be conducive to wading but the water here is more like thinned chocolate milk and the bottom is apt to drop off to deep water without warning. A fool's game without a PFD. This pic was taken back in the feeder creek but you can see Jeffersonville, Indiana way over across the river. At almost exactly three-quarters of a mile away, a lot farther than I want to swim.

    Maybe next time I'll have some fish pics.

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    Default Re: Ohio River fly fishing

    I've about given up fishing the Ohio here in northern WV. In 3 months, i have caught 1 smallie, 2 gar. Feeder creeks are fishing somewhat better. I really got addicted to carp fishing in them on a fly.

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    great pics.. sorry no fish bu I look at it as a day on the water is always a good thing..


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    Default Re: Ohio River fly fishing

    Wow, that is some big water. I used to fish the mouths of trout streams that flowed into the North Branch of the Susquehanna River in North Central Pennsylvania. Like your spot there, you never knew what would end up on the hook. Although I was always looking for the new record brown trout I caught everything from huge carp (nymphs) channel cats, (streamers) and even an occasional walleye, (streamers) trout on everything I ever threw but nothing big ever?

    Don't give up on those spots,


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    Default Re: Ohio River fly fishing


    Neat report. The pics of those feeder creeks look like they have some really fishy looking spots with nice structure if you can figure out how to get a fly in there. And i can see where a fly could get whacked by anything.

    And wow, the main channel of the Ohio looks like it's a 1/2 mile wide--- i guess casting to the far bank ain't gonna happen....

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    Default Re: Ohio River fly fishing

    I'm quite excited about hitting this water with the spey rod!

    I'll keep working it because it's only a couple miles from the house and a great challenge to fish for a number of reasons. It's essentially still water, so it demands a careful presentation if you actually hope to catch fish. Visibility in the main channel where I was fishing yesterday was about three INCHES, which makes for dangerous wading and difficulty identifying submerged structure. Those features combined with such a wildly mixed bag of potential species (Use any fly. It's got as good a chance of appealing to something as anything else!) make for quite the crapshoot.

    Ard: Any recommendations for channel cat streamers?

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