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  1. Default finally got out to fish!

    soory for not posting for awhile. the rivers here in ohio have been blown out for over a month!!! well finally we get a break in the weather. we decide to try the cousins new aluminum boat with electric motor. it worked out great. 3 of us fly fished off it with no problem. 1st time i ever fly'd off a boat. we covered lots of ground and focused mainly against the shorelines and shady spots. (it was 90 degrees and sunny with muddy water) I used a all black clouser minnow with flash and my cousins used chart/white clousers. I caught 6 gills of decent size including one monster I thought was a small mouth at 1st!!!! also caught a small bass but came off when lifting him out of the water. one cousin got skunked and the other caught 3 gills and some silver looking fish we never seen before??? but stupid me! sorry no pix! I forgot the cam!
    i been reading bob clousers river smallmouth book and it gave me the idea to use all black for the muddy water and it seemed to have worked. might of imitated a small leech or minnow?? all catches were on the drop after the cast and first strip..
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    Default Re: finally got out to fish!

    Hi GeorgeMcFly,

    I was thinking about you yesterday since you haven't been posting. Nice to have you back. You are the one guy who always has pictures.

    Bob Clouser has done a bunch of warm water fishing. I think he developed the Clouser Minnow for Smallmouth fishing. Will I guess Smallmouth are not that much of a warm water fish are they.


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    Ya Frank I haven't posted for awhile cause there was no fishing at all with the rivers blown and I was driving myself crazy just looking on the forums so I said I need some kind of new indoor hobby. I went and bought a electric guitar and amp and been learning stuff ever since. it keeps my mind off fishing when I can't get out and wanna and plus i am learning something new in the process. finally I am gonna get out and smallie fish in a few days. looks like a whole week of no rain! this time I will remember the camera! keep ya guys posted. sorry its no fish porn but heres a pic of my new indoor toy!!
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