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    Hi All, new to your forum so I thought I'd drop a line and say hi. Due to health reasons I had to leave my flyfishing paradise in Alaska and move to the desert of Arizona. Fortunately I managed to land next to Lake Havasu so my fishing opportunities, although drastically changed, still exist.

    In just a few trips with the kids (you know the kind where they fish and you watch 95% of the time) I've managed to catch a bunch of bluegills, crappie, and sunfish as well as several smallmouth and one largemouth bass. (This has been done largely through pure luck and instinct since there are no bass in AK)

    While casting to these smaller fish though I keep seeing these MASSIVE carp come swimming by and I have become obsessed. I've read just about everything I can find on them (since this is the first time in my 33 years I have ever seen one) and am absolutely addicted. Now, the real challenge: actually hooking one. Does anyone out there have any sage advice on catching these beasts, or any of the other strange warmwater species?

    Great forum BTW

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    Carpin can be a blast! An 8wt will do although some might say its overkill I do well fishing yellow egg patterns to them. Although there are alot of folks around my parts that use corn so they are used to seeing a little yellow ball. Don't rule out Apache Rainbows! There are a few places to trout fish around Az. For carpin it might seem like blasphemy here cause its a flyfishing forum but bring a can of corn with you and see if you can't chum them up a bit throw out small ammounts and get them interested then when all are gone cast out the yellow egg. I have managed a few on crawfish patterns too but the "corn fly" outfishes it 10 to 1.
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    I use mostly small crayfish patterns and slow sinking foam caterpillars

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    John.Carps are not easy to catch on a fly but they're a blast! ,there are some patterns looking like worms or bread which are efficient.My friends and I sometimes catch one with a black "chub special" nymph.I think there are many warm water species you can fish on a fly,if you told us the kind of fish you can find in your waters it ,you could get more advice.

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    Thanks for all the replies. In my reading i've found that Lake Havasu holds both small and largemouth bass , bluegills, crappie and redear sunfish, all of which I have been able to catch using standard flies and techniques (wooly bugger, beadhead nymphs etc) but i would love to become more proficient at catching bass on the fly. There are stripers in the lake as well but they are unreachable without a boat, but the fish that really has my attention is the carp. We have both common and grass carp in the lake and from what ive read it seems almost as much pure luck as anything else when casting to these guys. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Check the regulations carefully... both CA and AZ, chumming is probably illegal, and targeting grass carp is illegal in CA. You may also need a stamp to fish border waters. milt.

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    Welcome to Arizona.

    If you want to ask some questions of the locals you can try AZ Fly & Tie our local forum. Lots of good guys and good info on both warm water and cold water fishing in our state. (I hope this is ok to post this link here)

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    Thanks for the link!

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    Go to these podcasts and scroll down to:
    The Long-Awaited Carp Podcast

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    Thanks for all the replies. I was able to get out this last weekend and cast to some fish in Lake Havasu. Caught a few sunfish but the carp were NOT cooperative. Seeing those torpedoes coming after your fly is such a rush! Would've been more of a rush had they actually bitten the damn thing! I think my leader was too thick and they were spotting it. It's ok though had a blast, got some practice and can't wait to get back out there.

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