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  1. Default I caught some Carp!

    I just moved from Houston to Loveland, Co. and was excited for all the new fishing opportunities in this part of the world. Anyway I got up one morning and walked 2 streets down to where I had spied a slow moving muddy creek that feeds a small lake in Loveland.

    I suspected Bass and Catfish and maybe a walleye or two lived in there, but was excited to see a group of 18" Carp cruising and rooting in the mud. I unholstered the 6wt and fired a black wolly bugger about 10ft in front of their path and paused.......1st cast and 1 long strip and bam!!

    I've never had that sort of luck with anything, especially fishing! It took me into my backing on the first run (first time for that too). After about 15min I had him wore out on the bank.

    My first cast in Colorado was a memorable one.

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    congrats on the carp!

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    Wouldn't you like to be a Carpaholic to, la,la,la

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    Default Re: I caught some Carp!

    Congrats on the carp!
    You will find that Colorado has some fantastic fishing opportunities.


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    Default Re: I caught some Carp!

    Congrats! I hear that they can put up quite a fight.

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