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  1. Default bassin it tomorrow!

    hitting up the river around 3pm and staying till dark. I am gonna try to target some smallies but will not mind if I catch anything else! will be using clouser minnows and bunny strip minnows and see what I can get. river should be clear so all white or a lighter color minnow will be my go to fly. I might try some top water action later at dusk if I am not getting any luck subsurface for the gills and chubs and see if i get some of them or maybe a lucky top water bass. keep ya posted! and yes I remembered my camera this time haha. I will get pix of something even if i get skunked!
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    well the closest I got to bassin it was seeing a smallie under a fallen tree from high on the bank that I couldn't get down too. I did catch soem gills and a chub tho. all luck on a daves hopper. lost a few fish too don't know if they were gills or small bass. heres a few pics. the river was really down low!
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    Default Re: bassin it tomorrow!

    Hi GeorgeMcFly,

    Well you had a day in the out doors and caught something. You know that low water like this offers a good opportunity to study the river bed. Make a metal note of where the channels and depressions are. Also look for any rocks that might be hidden with higher water.


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    I also have hot, shallow water. Like Frank said "it's a good time to map the river bed"
    I have also found that after the sun goes down the fish come out in shallow water.
    I'm having a blast with the White Miller hatch.

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    ya guys I always am looking to map out the spots. ya might not believe it but this river is just full of silt. all you need is one dang on flood and the river as i kno it is now totally different! sucks too! hardly any rocky bottoms and ya take a step and sink like 6 inches to a foot deep in the silt in some places. where i am standing and all the mud you see is usually underwater. so now that it was differerent I just thought where a bass would hide and figured I'd cast to those places. that included every submerged tree that has floated down river and got hung up and every rock sticking out the water. also tried to hit up seams and river edges and also a couple drop offs points. top water seemed most productive but i was only there from 4pm till dark. just getting out is good enough for me
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