I had my heart broken too many times with the Susky, so today I went upstream to the small feeder creeks.
A lot of the feeder streams to the lower Susquehanna are also stocked trout streams.
I waded one today. At 5:30 it started to rain, but I got wet and stayed until dark. Actually the cool rain felt pretty good in mid August!
This was the best time I had fishing in the last couple months!!
I caught 18 small chubs, 1 big minnow, 4 tiny smallmouth bass, and 5 nice trout!! One was a beautiful native and the other 4 were holdover stockies. I took my 5wt Sage with my big heavy SLA and Sharkskin, but way too heavy for me!!
Something strange happens to me every time I catch a couple fish with my flyrod. A few mins ago, I purchased a 4wt Orvis 8'6" Clearwater II and a Orvis Battnkill Large Arbor I reel and some Wonderline Gen 3 4wt Double Taper line.
Next day shipping!! I just spent another 5 beans on another fly outfit!!
I guess that is what I was put on earth to do.
I have way too many rods now, I'll have to sell some on e-Bay!!
I love the Orvis stuff!! Sometimes I wish I could stop buying, but there isn't anything else in life that compares to fly fishing!
Maybe I don't have to move to Montana and wear a white cowboy hat afterall!