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Thread: 6-7 or 7-8 Weight Rod...

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    I am looking at getting into fly fishing for largemouth bass... Which weight range rod/reel would you guys prefer: 6-7 wt. or 7-8 wt.? Also what length should I go with, 8 1/2 or 9 ft.

    Thanks, Paul.

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    I use a 7wt 9' rod for warmwater fishing, but it depends on where you are fishing. I am in the northeast and a 5 pounder is a big fish and i might only catch a few that size all year, and i fish mostly ponds that are fairly open so a 9' rod is not a problem. If i were fishing where the bass the get bigger i would use a heavier wt. rod, or smaller rivers i would go shorter.
    Good Luck

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    I like to fish the salad
    Most of the ponds I fish are very weedy with lots of cover.
    I use a 8wt so that I can more likely turn a fish before he gets control of the situation
    In theory anyway
    The rod I use most often is 8'9"
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    I have caught them on a 6 weight, and it does the job, but, idealy in marsh, lilly pads, veg. an 8 weight in either length would be a good call.
    I prefer 6 because I use it for all the other fishing I do (TROUT) Try to get the most function from one rod thing.

    The other advantage to an 8 is BIG BUGs and WIND will be easier. As far as weight of the rod, the upper end while being more money are light as heck. I have a 9' BIIx in an 8 and it weighs about the same as my 5 TFO

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    Hey thanks guys I appreciate all your thoughts... I live in Northwest Tennessee, 30 minutes from Reelfoot Lake... All my spots would be medium to med. large lakes with heavy veg and cover... No rivers nearby suitable for fly fishing and the nearest trout is probably 4 hours away... So yeah, the 7/8 range rods would probably be best i guess...

    If I got a rod that was a 7/8 could I put on a wf-6-f and shoot for trout? May go to Gaston's Fly In with friends...

    Could anyone recommend a decent bass rod in 7/8 between 8 1/2 and 9'? 100 - 150 bucks.

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    Hi Paul,

    You fish an area that can have big Bass. I tried a 9'6" 8wt and found the tip to soft for that particular rod. You need some backbone in the rod. I prefer a 9' 8wt and would not be unhappy with a 8' 6" rod. This is not delicate fishing like it can be for Trout. You want to toss big flies and poppers and you need to be able to horse a fish from cover. There are times that even a 9wt would be helpful. It all depends on how big the Bass are. A 5 pound and above Bass can give you a real tug of war.

    I like reels with good drags but it is not as important with big Bass. They don't run they just dive for the closest cover. I need a budget to recommend a reel.


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    TFO has a new Bass Rod around that price range and it is getting great reviews. As far as a 6 wt line for trout, trout will take an 8 weight as well. Don't mess with the rod/line weight, you might not like it.
    The TFO is around 8' and I think it is a half and half (plastic/glass) Which makes it VERY nice for bass.
    It seems the BASS rods are aiming more for the shorter lengths.

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    What Frank said.

    Always use a big enough gun. It's better for the fish.
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    the bigger the flies you are using the bigger the rod. the bigger the bass the bigger the rod. the more weeds the bigger the rod. now here in ohio on the vermilion river theres no weeds. I use a 5wt or 3wt and i have no trouble! but if I was going for good size bass or was fishing a pond with heavy vegetation I would use my 7 or 8wt with a heavier leader and a bigger fly prolly...
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    With any bass fishing I would recommend the Sage Bass rod. It's stiff, can cast big flies, pulls fish through heavy folliage and the shooting line it comes with is awesome. I love them.
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