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Thread: largemouths Any advice

  1. Question largemouths Any advice

    I,m a experienced Brown trout ,seatrout and Pike fly fisher form scotland.I,m going to spain where there,s introduced Largemouths any advise beyond surface fry and poppers striped fast would be warmly appretiated.Detailed advice is hard to come by like prefered colors ect..

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    Try a Mr.Copper Metallic stramer, we use it on Shoal Bass here in Georgia and this streamer works very well! Tight lines!
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    Frogs, minnow streamers, and crawfish are the three must haves. Problem with poppers is that they tend to be hard to get any distance with. Often times (I cant anyways) the little bit of distance gained with them isnt enough to entice a fish to come pu and get it. I use a clouser minnow for both pike and bass fishing, same size actually. Large largmouth love big baits. Here in the U.S. one pattern is to use large pike and musky sized swim baits to catch the big bass. I'd also try a type of minnow pattern like the EP fiber minnow or the Peanut Butter fly. I've had good luck with these on pike. There is no reason why bass should pass these guys up as well.
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    I second the clouser! has caught me many bass! also a bugger in brown or black works for me too
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    Any type of clouser you can get, poppers and aggrivators are great. Red and white, Chartreuse and white are my 2 fav patterns.
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    The clousers are great, buggers- black and green and dark sparklers- and bass seem to love deep muddlers with quick 1" strips.

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    i don't typically fish for largemouth bass but when i did in a small lake here in central california i used bunny leeches in all-purple or all-black. worked GREAT. they incorporated dumbbell weighted eyes with straight and crosscut rabbit strips. very easy tie. kind of a lob-cast but i would let them sink (15 foot sinktip type VI line) and yank them back.

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    Just wanted to say thanks for the advice guys. Sadly I did not get my first Bass this trip but I will be going back.

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    I'd go with a big wolly bugger or clouser.

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    Tie in rabbit strip for tail. Wrap it up the shank. Ad dumbell eyes for weight or not. Chartruese, white, and black. Only bass streamer I use. Use pinesquirel for smaller flies. I don't like crosscut for the body. Regular zonker strip pushes more water!?

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