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    Default Socal carp fishing?

    I live in the Riverside area and im looking for some good carp spots, and also some good carp patterns. i want to have some fun with my 4 weight

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    Default Re: Socal carp fishing?

    Your shooting for carp on a 4wt?!? Good luck....

    For flies I would go with wooley buggers. Cast a few feet in front of them and when they get near the fly twitch it. If the fly causes a puff of silt, all the better. Carp see the puff and thing "food" and tend to strike.
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    I used to live in Redlands, so I know exactly where you are!

    There are some lakes in Corona, I believe called Corona Lakes (shocker), that have some good carp in them.

    I always had good luck at a little place called Fisherman's retreat, in the San Timiteo Canyon, between Redlands and Moreno Valley. Not a long drive, and some big carp in there. They are small lakes, but definitely some good action.

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    Default Re: Socal carp fishing?

    Can't help with locations, but we've posted videos of a couple of our favorite carp flies on our website Kansas Fly Fishing for Carp, under tutorials.

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