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Thread: I ordered my blank -

  1. Default I ordered my blank -

    I finally got aroung to ordering my RX-7, 9' 2pc blank - and every thing I needed to get started from Cote's fly shop.Was pretty much painless. I'm not sure of the reel [Tica] but Joe said it would work fine.Should recieve it Thursday or Friday. I'll update you after I get it built

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    Way to go Ken. How are you going to hold the rod when you wrap it? You will also need a drying motor or you will probably get some runs in the finish on the wraps.


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    Hi Frank
    I've been building rods for about 4 years. I personally prefer to using a spiral wrap over a conventional wrap for casting . Also I prefer splitting my grips and my reel seats to lighten the rod.I have built on Loomis ,Batson ,Allstar[my favorite bland] and several other brands. But I haven't a clue on where to start on fly rods . In fact , up until 3 weeks ago it never entered my mind. I feel that If I can get a guide spacing chart with the correct sized guides [snake or conventional] I can build a pretty good rod..I don't consider myself a pro builder I just build for myself or friends.I have never sold one or charged for repairing a broken rod .More of a time passing hobby than anything.
    The information that the members of this forum have given me is a real asset to my continuing fly fishing education.
    Thanks for your help
    Ken Blevins

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    if you've used batson in the past then you might be aware that they have guide spacing charts at their web site. look for Guide Spacing Chart 1.

    if you order your guides from a vendor which specializes in selling to hobbyists and pros who wrap rods, then you generally receive extra customer service. tell them what you're wrapping and they can recommend the sizes. i have heard the big places don't usually offer this service. i usually use places like gregs custom rods, hook and hackle, custom tackle supply, utmost enterprises, etc etc. and i always get great service from these places among a few select others.

    good luck! it can be fun.

    fresno, ca.

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    Good morning Eric
    I've ordered quite a lot from Custom Tackle Supply and your right, Bob has always been ready to give me the benefit of his knowledge. The reason I didn't use CTS this time is that I wanted to go to a supplier who deals mainly in FF rods-reels-FF baits- etc....
    Thanks for taking the time to help

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