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    Wink Articulated flies

    Anyone have any articulated patterns you like for bass and landlocked stripers? Looking for something with good movement. I plan to look st Brammerís stuff but thought Iíd ask here too. I just need patterns, Iíll tie the flies myself.

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    Try a game changer, they sell them at the Orvis Store in San Antonio

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    This is my favorite for bass. The flies pictured below are fished with a floating line. When tied with the head reversed like a slider I use it with a sink tip line fished sub surface. The action of the fly is great!


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    I tied some articulated flies years ago, before they became popular as they are today. It was something I saw that was being used then for Salmon, and I thought it would work for bass. They're not a new concept.

    Look up the fly "Fuzzy Wuzzy". It's a New Zealand style, similar to a Woolly Bugger. Tied articulated you can make them quite large, and bass like them a lot. I've done well with Black & various other color combinations with black. Olive combinations work great too, and you can tie them in any color you like.

    For Striped Bass, the same fly will work, and white or chartreuse & white works well. Otherwise try an articulated Lefty's Deceiver.
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    Thanks all.

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    I’ve done very well with a belly scratching game changer. See for recipe and video. For pond fishing, I use 1 bead for weighting. Not fun to cast (I use 8 wt).
    Feather game changer also works well for bass. It is suspending/slow sink. Very easy to cast.
    I use both b10s and sc15size 2/0 hooks depending on length I’m wanting.

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    I like that fly- thanks fossum

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    I love fishing the articulated streamers for bass and have several that i tie that work well.They have a lot of action and the marabou really makes them breathe as you retrieve them.This one seems to always get their attention.
    Marabou and Arizona Semi Seal Dubbing.Couple strands of flash.

    Couple more.


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