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Thread: Got Walleye?

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    our walleye season kicks in, in about late Feb.. I think I may go after them for teh first time this year with a flyrod. I am thinking clousers and sinktip line with a 6 or 8 wt rod. Any Ideas?

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    My friends and I use 6wt rods, Rio clouser lines and any clouser, streamer, wooly bugger that is yellow, orange, orange with red, or pink. We only fish for river walleyes in October. This year was pretty good. We did 14 outings and caugh on average of 5 walleyes per trip and about 2-3 saugers per trip. Where we fish that is pretty good numbers. The main creek we fish, 35 years ago use to be fenced off because it was too polluted and dangerous to animals and humans. 35 years later and the creek has returned to a condition that only my grandfather remembers from his youth. Most of our walleye are between 20"-28", prettty fat eyes too.

    Here are some my friend caught in one night.

    Prime time was between 8-10pm. Lots of fun river walleyes are on flyrods, not easy to catch though.

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    Nice eye's. Thanks a bunch for the info

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    Walleye like trout will feed on aqutic insects they will also feed on baitfish, leeches, crawfish, frogs and who knows what else. I have taken Walleye on everything from a size 12 dry fly to a 5/0 streamer, it just depends on what is happening at the time. Are there any hatches, if so duplicate that insect, if not try a streamer. These fish are not that hard to catch if you do your homework on what they eat, preferred water type , and their behavior.

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