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    Default Re: Looking for an 8wt fast action bass rod

    I’m kind of with Ripetide on this..
    Fast action carbon rods & bass fishing just don’t mix...Yeah you can do it but there’s better options.

    This is based on I’m assuming you are either wade fishing or fishing out of a bass boat and making 20 to 50 foot casts to structure.

    You cast to a pocket and work your fly for 5 to 20 feet and pick it and throw right back a few ft away with one cast...maybe one false cast.

    You want open loops with a relaxed moderate casting stroke.

    Today’s Fiberglass fits this bill perfectly...Today’s Fiberglass is not your Grandfathers fiberglass. Look into an Echo BAG quickshooter (in your budget) or a McFarland Ameriglass Glass Big Game series. Little more $$$

    You can bend these things into a “U” and they ain’t going to break,try that in the salad/timber with a BVK...tons of lifting power.

    I just bought a 7’ 10” 8wt blank just for this type of fishing.

    Good luck with your decision

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    Default Re: Looking for an 8wt fast action bass rod

    I like the Orvis Superfine 8wt for bass

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  3. Default Re: Looking for an 8wt fast action bass rod

    I think the best bass rod under $300 is the TFO Mangrove. If you can spare $25 more, check out the Sage Foundation.

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