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  1. Default Hooks for bluegill flies?

    Guys, I use size 6 bronze aberdeen Renegade (Wally World brand) hooks for my ultralight spinning rig. Is there any reason these hooks wouldn't work for tying foam spiders, poppers,etc?

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    Default Re: Hooks for bluegill flies?

    I have thought about it, but have never purchased them to do any fly tying. I don't see why they would not work.

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    I have used them for tying flies and I see nothing wrong with them. In my opinion, all hooks catch fish.

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    Yes they will work for gill flies, I do a crappie fly on aberden hooks. Try some smaller ones though like 10 or 8.
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    Default Re: Hooks for bluegill flies?

    I agree with Bear, 10 or 8 would be about the best for 'gills.

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    I've been tying for about 1.5 years now. When I started I just bought whatever bait hooks were available local. Thousands of them! Someone on another forum seen my flies and sent me standard Mustad dry fly hooks. Let's just say I won't be returning to my old ways any time soon.

    Do other hooks work? Yes.
    Do they work as well? No.

    Hook up rates on fish are much higher on dry fly hooks. I also found hooks with barbs on the shank case your flies to be short lived. Another difference is standard fly tying hooks do not have a curved shank like many of the other hooks on the market.

    If money is an issue you can do one of the following:

    Use wet fly hooks which can be as much as half the cost. You can use them for foam flies and wet flies.

    Buy bulk mail order.


    Apply for a Cabelas (or other) credit card that awards points. Use this card to buy your gas, pay your bills, buy lunch, or other things us use cash for now. Pay the card off each month. Use the points to order hooks for free.

    I know people that make their house payment this way too. In one years time they can get free bows (archery equipment), new fly rods, wadders, or all the tying supplies one could care for.

    Bottom line is the profile of the fly tying hooks make better looking flies that catch more fish. The points are normally much sharper too. Their free so why not?

    I tie most of my gill flies on size 14 hooks, although any size a fish can get in its mouth will work. If you start with a 6 and add wings legs, or whatever sometimes the fish bump them with their lip and the fly doesn't get deep enough for a hook up. if I'm catching a bunch of small gills I'll go up a size to cull the smaller fish. I continue this process until I only catch the size I'm after.

    Just in case you don't know it, foam spiders are far from the best gill flies. They work but I can catch 10 or 15 to every 1 caught on a spider in my area.

    I'll see if I can find some pictures for you.

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    These two simple flies will catch more fish then you know what to do with. Even when soaked and fished sub-surface they are killers.

    Hang normal picture linking method doesn't work on this site.

    for some reason I cannot use [img]link[/img]

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    Default Re: Hooks for bluegill flies?

    I try to tie most flies for sunfish on size 10 streamer hooks and flatten the barb. The extra length and lack of barb gives you a better chance of being able to grab the fly, turn it upside down, and release the fish without removing any of its slime.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Let me try this again. These are very simple flies I tied about a year ago and the bluegills will fight each other to get to them first.

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    I believe 6s are a little heavier than you'd want to go, no problems with the size 10 Aberdeen hooks from Wally World. I tie a LOT of flies on them, not just for 'gills. They make an outstanding hook for crappie streamers as well.
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