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Thread: Best Bass Fly for use with 5 & 6 WT

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    5 and 6 weights are a little light for most of my bassing in East Texas, but a variation of a Whitlock Wigglelegfrog is what kills them for me. I've taken numerous nice bass, including an 8#10oz, on it. Striker, Tyler, Houston County, Palestine, Athens, Monticello, Fork, and Purtis Creek bass all seem to like it - year round. For the lighter weight rods I just tie it on a #6 3366 Mustad or a #10 37187 Stinger Mustad. For my favorite rig - a 9 weight - I use a #2 or #4 Eagle Claw 84F and straighten the offset in the hook with my pliers. Sturdy, many-time-sharpenable hook, the 84F. I also incorporate a double 15# mono weed guard to get me over/around the "pads."
    Good luck, Partner!

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    Before Mustad quit making them... I used a salt water keel hook size 6.
    (79666S) The keel hook is very weedless. I use mostly Maraboo. It billows out and breathes in the water and is very streamline when casting.

    By the way, if any of you have any keel hooks you don't want any longer, I'll be glad to take them off your hands.


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