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    Default Poppers for Smallies on a 6wt.

    What’s the largest size popper a guy can reasonably throw with a fast 6 weight and a floating bass taper?
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    Default Re: Poppers for Smallies on a 6wt.

    Perhaps this isn't as helpful an answer as was hoped...

    I feel like it is more the dressing - feathers, etc. that affect casting than the body. Some that I have used sound like a helicopter as they are cast.

    l believe that I can cast a moderately dressed Bass bug or frog on around a 1/0 size hook. Most of the Bass in the water I fish the most seem to prefer smaller bugs - I guessing around a size 2.

    These are smallish largemouth of a pound or so. Many will take a number 8 or 10 bug on a dropper under a larger bug.

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    Default Re: Poppers for Smallies on a 6wt.

    I do not think any large bulky popper will cast well in that setup especially so in any wind. Gurglers on a size 4 stinger hook are my practical limit on light rigs. They have lots of action and a profile with length and some width. You do need a heavier leader/tippet to turn them over.


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    Default Re: Poppers for Smallies on a 6wt.

    Jack Ellis, who wrote the book "Bassin' with a Fly Rod" used to call size 6 poppers "fence riders" due to the fact that that size was good for both bass and bluegill.
    If you use a straight mono leader of only about 6', You should have no problem with a size 6

    As for the dressing.... Smallmouth are not like largemouth. SM like "fast food"
    Smallmouth poppers don't need that same dressing that LM poppers do. Unlike LM poppers that need to look alive while at rest, what SM poppers need is to be somewhat aerodynamic so that you can cast them at a distance and retrieve them quickly(fast food )

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    Default Re: Poppers for Smallies on a 6wt.

    I don't know the answer to your question, but I do know this: my fast 6 wt rod will cast a 7 wt bass bug taper line fairly well (although maybe not a great distance, which is rarely needed) and a 7 wt bug taper line will give a pretty large bug a ride to where it needs to go. So, you have the ability to throw larger bugs with that rod by upsizing your line.

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    Default Re: Poppers for Smallies on a 6wt.

    I would generally consider a 6 to be more of a bugger/clouser rod or something more along the lines of a creek bassin' rod. On bigger water, you're gonna be confined to poppers on the smaller end of the scale. For big river smallmouth fishing, where 60-80' casts are the norm, rather than the exception, I think you're doing yourself a disservice if you're not fishing a 7 or 8wt.
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    I throw size 4 and 2 poppers on my 6 weight pretty often. Rather than tie my own poppers, I have had a lot of success with BoogleBugs. They are extremely durable and last forever if you don't lose them.

    For larger deer hair patterns and big foam gurglers, I'd rather have a 7-8wt line driving those. But a fast 6 weight with the right line can handle most cork poppers.

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