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Thread: New Fly Rod!

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    Hey guys,
    I'm a new guy here, just joined yesterday... And I was wondering if any of you all could help me out a little bit.
    First off, I am pretty new to the sport of fly fishing also. Me and my dad got started this summer and I have been in love with it ever since!
    Anyway, I got a new rod for christmas and I was hoping that you guys could help me figure out what set up to run on it. Its a White River Fly Shop 5wt 2-piece fly rod. Its the dogwood canyon I believe. It isn't top of the line by any means but I do like it a lot. It came with the backing and line on it and I had to cut the tippet off of it because it was tangled up in the reel when I got it... I usually go fishing in my grandpa's little 5 acre lake about a mile from my house where there are some smallmouth bass, a few largemouth, some catfish, bluegill, and a lot of big carp. I kind of want to set it up to do pretty much anything. I usually just fish dry flies as I love to watch those bass attack the fly, so I guess I just need to know what size of a tippet and leader to go on it. I know the divide the fly size by 4 and add 1 rule, but if I change sizes on the fly, do I have to change the leader too? or just the tippet? I have read a few books and it doesn't specify at all.
    Thanks for any help guys and I hope to talk to all of you at some point!

    Happy Fishin!

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    Welcome hookem its agreat place here with lots of cool people to help fuel your addiction.

    As far as leader is concerned it does depend on fly size but what i do is divide all the flies on earth into 4 categories, small medium large and huge. I just guess, there really isnt any set standard. There is no reason to change your tippet everytime your fly changes size so the lump of several sizes helps. Weights also make a difference. You say that you usually only fish dries for bass. Is this a dry like an adams or a dry like a bass popper? If you fish with dries like the adams i'll just throw out a size, we'll say 12. I dont know the size of the bass you catch (this introduces another factor) but on bass i usually dont like less than a 4x unless i plan on buying a bunch of new flies. Ok so now we have a fly that i would put into the small maybe the medium category, it has no wieght and we are going after possibly larger fish. I think in cases like this it is better to upsize you tippet. A smaller tippet will turn over the small flies with no problem and then when or if you move up in size it will also turn over that larger bug. the larger tippet will also let you get in that big bass you might hook into. I would recomend a 3x or 4x tippet. U said it was a pretty small pond so i dont think the fish would be to big for that size tippet and you should be able to fish most flies that you need to with it.

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    Hey welcome,
    See if I can help ya with out rambling to much lol
    For bass,bluegill and other warm water species, prestintation isnt as ctrical as with trout, if you fly lands kinda hard ro if the leader dsonet turn over all the way and you have to strating it out with a little pull of the line, usally not a big deal. I AM NOT saying you want your line to pill up or practice or get into bad casting habits. UNLESS you are after the carp, then you have to make a damn good presintation.
    Usally 4 lb is as light as I go warmwater and usally 6lb is what I use for smaller bass and bluegill. With your 5WT you'll have a little more bend to the rod to help protect the lighter line, then you have with a 7wt.
    I would get a good all-round line like a Rio Grand in a WF-F. If you put a diffrent line on it, but the one you have is fine.
    The Dogwood isnt top of the line no, BUT it is still a great little rod, I have one in a 6wt I carry in my truck at all times for a surprise fishing trip if on pops up.
    Spongs spiders, large dries, small poppers, a few nymphs like gold ribed haers ears, wollubuggers, and a few small bucktail streamers and you can ctach anything that swims in that lake.
    Aint them smallies fun on a flyrod
    Good luck and have fun

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    When I go for bass, I usually use a 4' or 6' tapered leader (2x or 3x), with about 12"-18" of 3x-4x tippet. If the pond has a lot of cover and/or big fish, I would go even heavier.

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    If I put like a 4x tapered leader on with like a 4x or 5x tippet could I just change the tippet when I make a change of a fly? As long as it isn't a huge change I wouldn't really know why it wouldn't work. Sorry for being a pain in the ass. I just kind of want to be prepared for when I go fishing. There isn't a fly shop around here. Should I just buy a few different sizes and change the whole tippet when I change the fly?
    Thanks again!

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    Yes you, can as long as your tippet isnt bigger then your leader ofcourse.

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    You don't need to change the tippet when you change the fly unless your tippet is getting too short. If I start out with an 18" tippet, I'll continue to use it until it gets shortened (thru fly changes) to 8" or so (unless it gets weakened due to abrasion, in which case I'll change it immediately).

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